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The sun tattoos date back many thousands of years ago and it was very wide spread because many cultures all the way from Asia, Europe, Africa, South Americans and many more identified with the sun tribal tattoos.
The sun designs are used in many religious movements and you will even find it on the U.S dollar bills note on the reveres side of it. The sun is the cause of dusk and dawn, therefore this really amazed our ancestors also because of its strong source of energy thus they really sought to identify themselves with it. Meaningful chest quote tattoos offer an intimate look at your inner world, in one line or two. In very stylized slanted lettering, this is a chest text tattoo with a leafy pattern below. This chest tattoo is inked in bold regular lettering, with an arrow pointing upward, anchoring the text. The dramatic loops of the capital letters are repeated throughout the background, in this flowery quote tattoo. The stylized design with sharp angles, gives an edgy look to this urban chest quote tattoo. These Intriguing Chest Tattoo Quotes are amazing i have never thought of these tattoos simply amazing and nice looking ones. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites.
Symbolism is a very popular them in tattoo designs and the attraction is quite strong when it comes to spiritual and mystic symbols.
It is based on the principle of opposite forces that are responsible for running this world.
If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Deathly Hallows Tattoos, Tree of Life Tattoos, Shooting Star Tattoos and Cherry Blossom Tattoos. Sun like flames coupled with a cross make this yin and yang design acquire deep spiritual meaning. Quickly done and looking elegant, the tattoo represents the twin opposite forces that complement each other. The red and winding dragon encircling the black and white yin and yang symbol looks attractive. The tiger and dragon, forming a part of the symbol, represent the opposite, intense forces of nature.

This yin and yang tattoo with flames looks like a sun, illuminating the nature with its twin forces.
The woman got this tattoo with a liner as a mark of her recuperation after a sexual assault. Gorgeous yin and yang tattoo created in red and black with feathers has a modern and spiritual touch.
The color scheme of this tattoo is closely related to nature and greenery which also looks vibrant.
Both hand yin and yang tattoo with opposite direction arrows symbolizes their inseparable nature.
Yin yang compass with mirror effects letters looks fantastic and also has a creative touch.
Skull with yin and yang symbol stands for the danger earth may face if there is any disbalance in the twin forces. A pretty tattoo design that symbolizes eternal love and attraction between the opposite sexes. Pink and blue stand for female and male in this tattoo closeup taken from a very short distance. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. The design of the sun tattoo varies from a wide diversity of cultures and tribal understanding.
Among the oldest tattoo collections that the Japanese have, the tribal sun tattoo is one of the oldest. Various European cultures used to worship the sun, Asians such as the Hindus, Japanese also had a very strong passion for the sun thus the reason why they worshipped it and tattooed its sign on their bodies. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. All cultures, across the world, have a rich symbolism heritage, which is replete with deep meanings.
Its most famous interpretation is the attraction between the opposite sexes which is the basis of creation of life.
For example in the Mayan culture of South America, the tattoos were signs of leadership, depending on the color and design used to produce the tattoos.

The sun tattoo was initially created by the tribea€™s men to honor their highly valued sun gods.
Therefore people would insist on putting the tribal sun tattoos in order to get that deep satisfying feeling of being close to the most powerful gods of all. Apart from this, several other manifestations such as light and darkness, cold and hot, water and fire, earth and air also find a consonance in the yin and yang tattoos. Other tattoos related to the tribal tattoo are the Celtic knots, crosses, tribal arm bands, scorpions and many more.
When someone looks at your bare chest with the tattoo, they get an idea of your unique story, dreams and ambitions.
On a muscular chest, words inked in colorful designs look stunning, especially when they are paired with visual elements like a rose or a face.
Below is a list of 25 yin yang tattoos that will tell you more about their meanings and interpretations.
Most people from other cultures all over the world are very much intrigued by the inner meaning of these very unique tattoos work of art.
If you want to celebrate your journey through life, you can choose quotes that resonate, and have them inked in a beautiful design. They enjoy a high status in all parts of the world as people are very interested in Chinese philosophy and spirituality due to its mystic nature.
Japanese used these form of tattoos to identify one form of clan from another or differentiating different religious beliefs within their community.
Besides this, the yin and yang theory also has a universal theme because it is present in all cultures in different forms.
You can surround the text with leafy borders or ornamental patterns, to complete the design.

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