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Markal Ball Paint Marker is a liquid paint marker using a durable metal-ball tip for writing on hard surfaces. The sport of javelin isn’t normally known for super sexy women, but Paraguayan Leryn Franco is putting that norm to bed. According to Yahoo, Leryn Franco was the most searched for Olympian during the Beijing games in 2008 – just behind Michael Phelps, of course. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites.
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John Gruber had a good idea for changing the default Marker Felt font on the iPhone: just remove it! I tried copying the Helvetica ttf files to the old MarkerFelt filenames instead of just removing them, but as you can see in the screenshot it didn't seem to work, it still defaults to the Arial font.
So it seems like the font name is in the ttf file and that's what's being used, so now I just have two helvetica fonts on the system rather than a fake Marker Felt font.

I gave it a ten minute spin, and I think it might be able to do it - just have to figure out how to make the font information match so OS X accepts it as being MarkerFeltWide. I managed to change the fonts on the Retro dialer from the "Helvetica shaped" font to an old digital style like the ones on gas pump displays (and old payphones). The problem is that fonts are like iTunes songs, they keep meta-data in the header of the file.
To do this I downloaded a program from the Open Source site Sourceforge called Fontforge for the Mac (for other platforms as well). If you put some unicode in a note (some Japanese or something), then the note will use a sans-serif font.
I found a tool on google that can change this per note without mucking around with the font files. This page contains a single entry by Ask Bjorn Hansen published on September 19, 2007 4:45 PM. So even if you rename your fonts to names Apple uses, the app will still be able to see the real name within the header.

With this software I can open up the Apple TTF font and any other TTF font I want to copy at the same time. Sorry no shortcuts, just looking through the app and seeing if any names correspond to the files in the font directory. Once opened I can select then drag and drop font images from one file to the other replacing the original. To be perfectly honest, we aren’t really watching her for her Olympic ability, if you know what we mean. Because I only copied the contents and not the file the header still says it's the font expected by the application.

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