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I am going to take this back to the Original Posters Question, in regards for Masonic Tattoos, Please look at the Avatar That is my Right Forearm, well below the elbow.
For example, to use B&J, one could argue come from Golden Dawn or even the Waite Tarot deck. I saw a person with a masonic tattoo on his forearm and thought this was a good place to ask a question. This idea that you can challenge a mason who is wearing the symbols of our fraternity is nothing but a first class ticket to a confrontation. I know that it is predominantly a PHA thing, but it is not anybody's place to put themselves in the position of Masonic Enforcer.
Without giving my OB details, but in VA it is my Determination that deems a Brother Worthy, with that said a Man approaches me is confrontational about my tats, or Masonic emblems, well he might not be Worthy or anything short of a good ole tail kickin.
There are many reasons people may opt for Masonic tattoos, not least because they are really cool and symbolic designs but more likely because they have personal connections with Freemasonry that they wish to express through body art.
Freemasons believe that each man can make a difference in the world by improving himself, and taking an active role in his community. It is the Skull and Crossbones, (anyone who is Scottish Rite will recognize it from the 32nd Degree Ritual) With Both Pillars Flanking it, along with a S&C in the Skull. How do you challenge this person on his craft and if he is found not to be profecient in his craft how is he disciplined or maybe that is a strong word, how is he handled. It is a charitable, benevolent, educational fraternity however Freemasonry forbids the discussion in Masonic meetings of religion, creeds, politics or other topics likely to excite personal animosities.

Other popular images in Freemasonry often used for body art designs include the square, the compass and the letter G. I Designed this Tattoo with a Tattoo Artist who is a Mason, The Latin Writing around it was researched in order to ensure it was true Latin. This is one of the oldest fraternal organizations in the world that is shrouded in mystery and legend however Freemasonry is believed to have originated with those who built King Solomon’s Temple in ancient Jerusalem. Many of the symbols associated with Masonic tattoos stem from their initiation ceremonies which use three rituals, referred to as degrees in Freemason circles. Like many of the symbols associated with the Masons, its meaning seems to be open to interpretation and has been deemed to signify God, the Supreme Being, Goodness and of course Geometry. There are some faiths which have an aversion to depicting the Supreme Being in any physical form whatsoever. A tattoo with Masonic meaning that's not Masonic enough to create problems, if that makes sense?
Shortly after I got the Tattoo Key Rings, Stickers and an assortment of items with the Same Writing and Picture came out.
The stonemasons who built Medieval castle and cathedrals honed their skills from the European craft guild. These include symbols such as the Hiram Key, or the Key of Solomon as it is also referred, the All Seeing Eye, and symbol of the Illuminati, the Masonic five pointed star. I had an old white gentleman Run up on me in NC with him and his wife and he gave me the biggest hug I was taken back lol.

There have been two articles in Two Different Tattoos Magazines about my Tattoo, One in Skin and INK about 2 years ago, The article is done by a Mason who happens to be a contributing editor in Texas. They began to build temporary lodges next to the building they were working on as a place to meet and socialize, plan their work and train new apprentices.
Many believe that these symbols stem from the Occult and the Esoteric interpretation or hidden meanings behind them add much to the mystery and magic associated with them. I have been asked by Many Masons if they can take a Picture of it, I have had Brothers ask if they can duplicate it for themselves.
Freemasonry spread around the world thanks to the colonization of the New World as British, the French and Dutch colonists brought it around the globe with them.
But the one thing I think I am proudest of, is the Picture of Brother Harold Shaw, (Celebrated 70 years as a Mason At Poqouson Lodge #49 This Year, and is the Longest sitting Tiler in VA) holding out My right arm as he Said "I would have done this when I was younger, had I not been scared of Needles." He and almost all of the Brothers I have interacted with are more than accepting of my Tattoo's. Many of the Founding Fathers in the USA, including George Washington and Benjamin Franklyn were among the first US Masons. I have several others that are also Masonic, I am in the process of Having all the Working Tools of the Blue Lodge wrapped around My wrist, when it is done I will post a picture. I am a Proud Mason, and I feel that My Tattoos are a Reflection of who I am, and I am reminded that It was not for what was on the outside, but what was on the Inside when being voted into the Fraternity.

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