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The first impression was the glass bottle, which means these are heavy to travel with, but I actually prefer glass bottles for my skincare and makeup. The consistency is watery to medium, it is a good cross between a thick foundation and a liquid one, but leans just a tiny bit towards watery. If you already have the Wake Me Up foundation, I would still go in store to get colour matched. All logos available here are the property of their owners and presented under the fair use policy. The purpose of this unit of sequenced lessons is to develop knowledge and understanding of place value in three digit numbers and one thousand.
This unit of work follows Building with tens in which the place value structure of 2-digit numbers is explored. Dear Parents and Whanau,In class we have been learning about place value in numbers to 1000. SANFORD — The past year, and especially the last month, has been an amazing one for Seminole High School senior Patricia Edge. I love wearing it because it gives me incredibly flawless skin, but a part of me tries to minimise daily use because I’m constantly battling with conflicting skincare. Partially because I love the decadence that comes with glass, and also they recycle better. When on my hand the foundation gave me the impression that it was going to be medium coverage, potentially heavy. I think because this is a foundation that is on the more watery side, using a less dense foundation brush will give you a better application. And as NC20 right now, I’m really a cross between 010 Light Porcelain and 100 Ivory, though I applied both individually below. Because 100 Ivory is more pink toned, vs 100 Ivory for the Match Perfection which is more yellow toned.
My name is Celina and I run Fables in Fashion, a blog all about my personal style in beauty & fashion and travels. A TKI account lets you personalise your experience - enabling you to save custom homepage layouts, create kete, and save bookmarks and searches.If you already have an Education Sector user ID and password, you are ready to log in. It is also to enable students to generalise from known two-digit facts, apply patterns associated with these to three digit numbers to 999, and to introduce 1000. Students have been building their understanding of a group of ten objects as a unit and they are beginning to connect this idea to our numeration system.

Have a student model on the abacus, moving the relevant groupings of beads, as the class counts. Still I was beyond excited when I discovered Rimmel’s new Match Perfection Foundation, as I was such a huge fan of their Wake Me Up foundation (which I will eventually do a review for). However upon applying it with a stippling brush, it felt much more light to medium coverage instead. For example, I initially used a very dense brush like MAC’s 130 and found the product was leaving streak marks on my face. This developing place value understanding is generalised here to apply to all three-digit numbers and to 1000.As students work with a variety of place value materials, the connections between different representations should be clearly made, and the key ideas developed.
As you read each number together:Ask your child questions about the numbers you see: What number is in the ones place? Students begin by working with materials in which tens can be composed and decomposed with single units (eg. The student chooses a classmate to identify the number (73), then reveals this to the class. Materials become increasingly abstract to the point where non -proportional models are used. It has a very comforting feeling, similar to how I would describe the scent for Olay in terms of that comfort feeling.
Reverse the task by having the student who is modeling say which number they have made (40) and have a classmate describe what it looks like.
She has also been honored twice as the Sanford Optimist Club Seminole High School Athlete of the Week. This grouping of hundreds, tens and ones is repeated in our numeration system, as the size of numbers increases or decreases.
It is a fundamental building block and must be well understood if students are to work intuitively with big numbers and decimals. It is therefore important that students have opportunities to compose and decompose three digit numbers in a variety of ways, as these making and breaking experiences build deeper knowledge of the place value structure.
Having a sense of the relative size of 200, 250, 500, 750, 800, for example, provides the student with useful reference points for problem solving.Maths language and communication skills continue to develop as students read, write and show three digit numbers, and talk about what they are doing.
If they have not already worked with these grouping materials, have the students make tens by filling containers with ten beans. In these lessons mathematics communication is developed as students explain how they are using place value materials and the meaning they are making from them.The focus of this unit is to consolidate the place value understandings that have been built steadily in previous units and to provide the final building block to enable students to competently work with understanding the place value structure of any whole number.

Have students work with a buddy and have them take turns to describe what a 2-digit number would look like if they were to model it using the equipment. Have the students return to their places and write a 3 digit number between 100 – 150 on their paper (eg.
Each student has a different target which they aim to be the first to reach: Player One must make 150 by adding tens and Player Two must make 0 by subtracting tens. Have them line the cubes along their ruler, confirm the length in centimetres and have them exchange ten singles for one ten as appropriate. Each pair has access to MAB material and half a pack of playing cards, excluding face cards. The first student then checks that the two models do indeed combine to make 200 and then records the complete equation.For example, Student One turns over playing cards 8 and 3 and models with 8 tens and 3 ones.
Student One adds the two models together, exchanging ones for a ten and tens for a hundred.
Once confirmed that they do indeed make 200, the student completes their written equation: 83 + 117 = 200. Ask the students to share all they know about one thousand and record all their ideas on the chart.
If the students don’t suggest it independently, make the link to the counting exercise in 2.
Make MAB equipment (ones, tens and hundreds) available to the students.Distribute Thousands Books to pairs of students. Players may have numerous pairs that correctly show other values, but it is the pairs of 1000 cards that decide the winner.The cards are shuffled and students are dealt or take 5 cards each.
These make a matching pair that they show to another player, have them verified, then place in front of themselves. Clues can be verified using place value materials.If a player has a numeral card and they want a matching card they must give a word clue that describes the numeral card. Have them read their new number, emphasising the correct way to read a number that has a zero as a place-holder.
A student is invited to write a number of their choice, of up to six digits, on the PV houses.

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