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Here’s the idea: Use the Flickr API to find photos matching each of the words in the Bible. For layering the photos, I wanted the brightest (most-saturated) colors possible; I used a simple formula. Then I placed the darkest pixels on the bottom layer of the composite image, layering brighter (but about 50% transparent) pixels on top. I did a similar procedure to produce verse composites, layering the important words from each verse on top of each other. The verses composites omit images for about 200 common words (as listed in the Crossway Comprehensive Concordance of the ESV).
From a coding standpoint, this project let me try out the jQuery Javascript library, which I’ve been wanting to do for some time. It would be interesting to try to calculate cross-references based on the similarity of the verse composites—are verses that look alike actually similar?
The inspiration for this project comes from the 80 Million Tiny Images project by Antonio Torralba, Rob Fergus, and William T.
Unless otherwise indicated, all content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.
While my granddaughter is matching the sheep, I talk about shepherds in the Bible and their jobs.

This is a matching poster, but I used the same picture as a picture to color so everything works together. Move your mouse over the image to see a photo composite for a particular verse, and click to see composites for the words in that verse. Then download the photos for each word and layer them on top of each other to produce a composite image for word. The results are generally less spectacular (in my opinion) than the word composites, as many of the verses look like each other.
It took a long time to download the 300,000 images, and nearly as long to process them all. All Scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicated, are taken from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version. If you have play sheep, you can hide them and let the kids find them, like the shepherd would do.
I will also use this for David the shepherd and talk about how he did what God wanted him to. Once you do that, layer the important words from each verse on top of each other to produce a composite image for each verse.
It would be interesting to compare the composite footprint of, say, Moby Dick to the Bible’s.

They created a map of nouns in the English language by downloading images from search engines, combining the images, and then arranging them into a graphic based on the words’ semantic distance from each other. You can see in the picture above, I printed this on white cardstock, and we added grass and flowers, butterflies, insects and bird stickers, which she loved! I purchased this rope and cut it into a 36" piece and put tape around the ends so it wouldn't unravel. They can be used for learning numbers and putting them in the correct order and for counting the sheep on the cards. Use the rope around the forehead, on top of the band of fabric and tie at the back of the head. I am teaching our pre-k sunday school class tomorrow and I was just browsing the internet for responsive activities that goes along with the lesson of The Good Shepherd.

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