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Hi, recently I've been getting more people looking for Tattoos with meaning so I decided to put this banner below.
Celebrities like Rhianna a partly responsible for the boom in popularity of star tattoos but also the ease of design and the fact that they look good on anyone have also been big contributors. You could be forgiven for thinking that star tattoos are just for women, however that is not the case at all. Tattoos with meaning rarely come as self explanatory as this one, the star tattoo meaning is simple. As far as the art of tattoo making is concerned, the human body is quite simply a blank canvas ready to be painted upon. Some use stars around meaningful symbols like astrology star signs and birthdays, as well as around children’s names, wedding dates and other eventful days and moments in life.

All you need to create a stunning tattoo is a good set of inks, a tattoo gun (and a sterile environment, which goes without saying) and of course, a heavy set of artistic skills.These days the freedom of creativity in the arts is boundless and the extent to which this freedom can be channelled when it comes to the art of tattoo making is virtually boundless. Men are getting them, women are getting them, girls are getting them, boys are getting them and even celebrities. We will be showcasing a series of different articles on InspireBee that focus on a variety of different tattoo designs, tattoo art and tattoo patterns designed especially for certain specific portions of the human body.
Having a star tattoo means you are well aware of your goals in life and you will do everything you can to achieve them.
While this article does not attempt to focus or restrict tattoo art to any one single body part’s tattoo art possibilities and examples, it instead features a very popular and creatively flexible symbol that is very often used in designs for tattoos is various different and experimental ways.
In the top picture you can see that the lady has gone for quite an abstract pattern with large stars with some extra at added for effect, in contrast you can see Rhianna has opted for smaller stars in a more symmetrical pattern.
They are also the most commonly used symbol in astrology which is based around fate and destiny. The star is a symbol that dates back centuries through cultures, beliefs and civilizations.

Star tattoos are there to express your ambition and every time you look at your star tattoo it should remind you to follow your dreams. Starting out as being the North Star and a sacred and divine symbol and various different faiths and religions such as Christianity, Hinduism and many more, the star has been symbolized and customized with different unique alterations to suit the unique belief set of different belief systems throughout history and across the world.
It has come to represent various different things, scientifically originating from the stars present in the solar system (although the 5-pointed star as we know it has nothing visually in common with stars in space, i.e. Stars can now be seen everywhere in logos, games, toys, books, cosmetics and millions of other products and services, representing ideas of playfulness, infancy, fashion, glamour, excellence and several other notions.

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