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WeekendNotes is a free email newsletter which reviews fun and interesting things to do in your town or city. The largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere and in its fourth year, The Australian Tattoo & Body Art Expo will be showcasing the incredible artistry of the best tattoo artists in Australia and the rest of the world.
The expo runs from the 5th to the 7th of December 2014 and it's being held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, 2 Clarendon Street, Southbank.
Looking at the official website I lost count of the number of tattoo artists that are going to be there (750 local and international artists according to the website). Megan Massacre, a tattoo artist, DJ, model and TV personality currently based in New York City will be down here in Australia for the first time. You really need to look up the website to find out what's on offer, which activities need booking, and which ones have a cost attached to it if you don't want to miss out.
Our Stylish website provides online resources for the best in fashion, coding and entertainment. Spook is a progressive culture magazine, publishing innovative content in the realms of fashion, music, art, film and politics. Tattoos have come a long way from being something you got done to rebel against your parents and jeopardise your job prospects with; no nowadays tattooing is an art all unto itself, hence why body art is becoming a more appropriate term. The Melbourne leg of the expo is next weekend, Friday the 5th to Sunday the 7th of December, and to celebrate, the Australian Tattoo and Body Art Expo team have a double pass for us to give to you. Play It Safe is a film exploring the struggles of budding musicians, with a soundtrack as good as the film itself.
Smells can evoke the strongest memories, but what smell reminds you of your significant other? Bowie late nights ends with a bang, with epic party starter and Melbourne local Chela returning from Los Angeles for a very special live show that is sure to make you sweat. They say timeliness is everything - this weeks rediscovered 1984 documentary predicts Australian football culture with terrifying accuracy.
The event is well supported by the community, check out the full sponsors list here to see all the wonderful businesses that have supported this event. I have Melbourne workshops coming up in October and will be running a 2 day body paint class soon – stay tuned. Please sign up here for latest news to recieve occasional updates and details about my workshops, blogs and videos.
Visit Ambah’s website here to find out more about her workshops and tutorials and latest news.
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Sin City Tattoo Studio in Melbourne is one of the best tattoo parlours in the region and as such, we work hard to provide our clients with tips and advice for picking a tattoo design.When you're selecting your body art, there are many things to consider. None can be used for any purpose whatsoever without written permission from TattooNOW and the tattoo artist. Her artwork has been described as creepy yet cute, so If you want to be tattooed by Megan, you need to book to secure a spot. The John Curtin Hotel's sound system was assailed by the Berlin no wave queen, with support from Melbourne's own HTRK. Points are given for originality and interpretation of theme, in addition to composition, use of colour & technique. Winner of Special Effects Category at the Melbourne Body Art Competition held at Carlton Brewhouse in Abbotsford.
Winner of Face Painting Category at the Melbourne Body Art Competition held at Carlton Brewhouse in Abbotsford. One great alternative involves getting a tattoo of something that symbolises your relationship with your significant other. Body painters are given 6 hours to paint their piece and facepainters 2 hours.  Let me tell you, that time flies by!  The overall standard of work was very high,  I was very pleased to place 2nd. Also thanks to Angela, who came from Adelaide to present the award sponsored by Face Paint for everybody , Artists and Models also travelled far and whide to participate. Wow I could go on and on, there are so many involved and its hard to mention only a few, Thankyou to Ria, who’s vision, hard work and determination has created a wonderful event for us in Melbourne, I am really looking forward to next year, perhaps I’ll see some of you there? Hamady and colleagues at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution determined the animals can live to the ripe-old-age of 70+ years. Sharks generally prey on sick or weak fish, this helps maintain a healthy genetically stronger population of fish in the ecosystem. Perusing our flash books and tattoo gallery can be very helpful in assisting you with coming up with ideas and inspiration for your body art.
With the added scientific knowledge that sharks need more time to mature, greater care should e taken in preserving them. But before you even start looking at tattoo art and designs, you need to consider your motivations for getting your tattoo. Nothing can change the fact that you enjoyed this happy period, so few people find reason to regret!If you're inclined to get a trendy tattoo, consider putting a unique, personalised spin on the design. A unique collection of tattoos you must like it or copy it and must share it with your friends.
Why do you want to get a tattoo?There are many forms of body art, but few are as permanent as a tattoo.
Sin City Tattoo parlour's talented artists are available to draw unique tattoo designs, starting around $50.

Smart and cute girls pictures are given below there are different tattoos designs most famous. Take the trendy tattoo and make it your own somehow, so it symbolises some element of you or your life. Otherwise, down the road, you may find yourself with a hated piece of body art that you'll spend thousands of dollars to remove. When you infuse a tattoo or body art with meaning, you'll never have to worry about regret, tattoo removal or tattoo revisions! A lot of joke pictures of random English words on ladies figure have been going around, as a way of making fun kanji on westerners. Others find themselves spending hundreds of dollars toward tattoo revisions.Our team of Melbourne tattoo artists encounter many different clients, with many different motivations for getting a tattoo.
It's not the motivation to get a tattoo in a general sense that's usually problematic; it's the motivation to get a specific tattoo design that's more often a problem. One of the hottest trends with tattoos these days are tattoos pictures and much more you want at it is. There are two types of tattoos that often lead to regret: trendy tattoos and tattoos that are obtained for a significant other. Nowadays, text tattoos becomes more and more trendy these days since more and more people choose words, names and different type of designs to look awesome and given below are the pictures which help you in the selection of best tattoos you had ever seen before. If you have already decided what to tattoo on your body, the next important thing to consider is what kind of design you would like to apply then these given below pictures help you in this matter. On the other hand, individuals who get the name of a child, parent or even a pet rarely regret these tattoos because these relationships are not prone to the sort of problems that you'll see with romantic relationships.
In any event, be extremely cautious about getting another person's name tattooed on you!The other common regret involves trendy tattoo designs – designs that are popular due to a celebrity or a trend in a certain type of artwork. So you should do some research and choose your tattoo design the most stylish and most attractive design like you also select design from given below picture and make a tattoo on your body.
For instance, what was considered cool when you were in high school is usually no longer attractive to you as an adult. So when you get something that's aesthetically pleasing and trendy, it can later lead to regret. So it's reasonable to surmise that you may feel the same way 20 years down the road from today.The exception to the rule?
If you've always found a certain type of tattoo art or body art attractive – and it just happens to be trendy -- then you're much less likely to regret that specific piece of tattoo art years down the road.Who's not apt to regret getting tattoo art?

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