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Tattoos are quiet, inspiring artwork that carry stories and hide secrets on a human canvas.
Each one is born with a thought and a tale, memorable and vivid enough to be inked in eternity. Please be aware that though tiny delecate lettering looks nice when the tattoo is brand new, after about 5 years many of these will be difficult to read, and in 10 years an unreadable blob. I totally agree with what you said Fiona, even if or rather -because, I have myself a tattoo on the wrist. I love love love tattoos I think they are sexy, strong, beautiful, empowering, and vocal!!! It’s been said that wrist tattoos were used to ward off all sorts of illnesses and diseases.
Tattooing is what it is, it has its limits, best to work within them and get bolder pieces, than against it and get images that will look terrible, very soon.
Neither likely to be had by anyone else, unless they are copied exactly, as I had them designed.

It was a hard decision to make, firstly because of the obvious with it being with me for life. I got a scorpion and the scorpio symbol on my wrist 4 months ago now cos ive always been a big believer in horoscopes, and i love being a scorpio. If you wanna hate on tattoos that’s fine I for one think that anyone who can get a tattoo is brave and decisive. But today, many see wrist tattoos as simple inspirations as they brave through stormy weather – a glance at their wrists and hope fuels them. Was warned not to get it on my wrist but to get it on my arm, but i do not regret hetting it there and love it. They say a tattoo designer’s imagination knows no bounds when it comes to creating permanent inking on the body. However, I have a tattoo on each wrist and they are deeply meaningful to me (I also have one on each leg). People told me not to, but at the end of the day its my life and I don’t regret it at all.

Some days I looked at them and wondered if I’d ever get there, some days I knew I was on my way, and some days just served to remind me to keep going.
Yes it hurt, but everytime I look down at it I remember to use every single one of my experiences to my own advantage instead of letting it get me down or ruin things for me. All of my tattoos were very well thought out and well-planned, and I was 40 years old when I got the first one.
I couldn’t possibly care less what anyone thinks of them, and my comment is not in defense of my own, but just a way of saying that when you see someone with one of those trite expressions tattooed on their wrists, it might not be just something they saw on Tumblr or Pinterest and thought it sounded profound enough to permanently etch into her skin. The Lotus Flower Represents Long Life, Health, Honor And Good LuckTop Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs – Mandala Piece, A Buddhist Symbol For Creation And Harmony.

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