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Miami Ink‘s new manager Dre, needs to pass her certification test before she can work at the shop. The builder dude tries to explain why the shop is not finished yet, but nothing can explain away that ridiculous hat…. Kat gives a pissy face after meeting with the construction dudes, somebody didn’t get their way! This is also our first stab at what we call our Ink-o-meter, which will rate this tattoo experience on three things. Up next, Kat heads to Chicago to try to persuade two female artists to join her team, first up is our introduction to Kim Saigh. She should have a little grattitide for Miami because without them, she would certainly not be here. But if I knew that hiring Pixie from Day One, would evolve into a gnarly fight, I probably wouldn’t have hired her, since situations like these can cause you to fall out of freindships with people. Either way they are both interesting characters and perhaps off TV they can manage to hold onto their friendship.
Strange, as they are painting a mural on the back of LA Ink (I live 1 block away) and it appears Pixies face is on the mural.
Not sure this made it on as I posted and the site just defaulted back to the imput screen (bad design mr. So anyway I live a one block away and it appears Pixies face is included in the Mural they are currently painting on the back of the store.

If Pixie wasn’t keeping up with her responsibilities there were probably more constructive ways Kat should have addressed them. Pixie shouldn’t have lost her cool, and (mildly) threatened Kim, but the meaning behind what Pixie said was obviously true! It’s too bad, cause we have watched the fame go to some of their heads, and the show has really gone downhill because of it.
The whole Pixie shop manager job’ thing was great, in the beginning (season 1), especially when she helped Kat Von D with the opening of the tattoo shop. I was sad to see pixie go, but was pleased to see Kat stand up for Herself, after all she is the Boss, and gave Pixie every chance to change her attitude, but to no avail, and then to come across and find herself in the middle of an argument in the store in front of Customers, well that was to much, she had to go! There was no coming back from that, I hope they can work things out, but it will be hard to mend those fences.
I was sad to see Pixie go, but not that surprised, given how b*tchy Kat had been since Pixie took that week off. I think the way Pixie was treated when working in High Voltage (LA Ink) was disgraceful, however the writing was on the wall from the get go. I agree with Ange, if Pixie had been one of the tattoo artists, she would have been treated with more respect.
Bring back the Miami Ink boys at least they’re not up their own arses, they just are what they are, no hidden agendas. Kat tattoos the Virgin Mary on Darren‘s wife, and some family members come to visit the shop.

I mean, in this day and age of stencils and all that good stuff, why would you want to or need to do a free hand? I think it was a great start for her and I’m anxious to see where this show will be headed. She was and is probably still one of the most friendly, energetic, sweet people you’d ever have the privilage to know!
The store is run by the B-Team (you never see them on TV) and the only time the TV Cast shows up is for filming and then you only see them if you have paid to be on the show and get a tattoo. Katt and the rest are there only for filming days, then they tend to go off to their on homes. As far as Kat and Pixie’s relationship, that has been played out as going downhill for several episodes, so quite possibly there may be a spark of truth there. They show up for a week at a time and then dissapear for another week or two and repeat it all over again.
Before she was hired, there wasn’t a shop manager’, so it will be interesting to see Baby Dre’s, Yoji’s, Ami’s et al. Anyways, I know that Pixie will be missed by her fans and that Kim Saigh also posted her comments, about the episode, at her myspace site.

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