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This show about the tattoo shop "Miami Ink" takes viewers inside the world of tattooing, showcasing both the artists and their clients.
The series follows four master artists: Ami James, Chris Garver, Darren Brass, and Chris Nunez, and their apprentice Yojiro Harada. I don't think I have watched more than 10 minutes of Miami Ink, but I am kind of glad I don't watch it nearly at all.
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Meet the tattoo victims with the worst crimes committed to skin in America's Worst Tattoos. Body artist to the stars, Kat Von D  brings together some of the world’s most renowned tattoo artists.
Meet people who suffer from conditions so rare and mysterious that the medical world is often baffled. Official photos from the 23rd episode of Supernatural season 11, "Alpha and Omega," airing Wednesday, May 25 at 9pm on the CW.
In The Originals season 3 finale, "The Bloody Crown," Marcel uses his new-found power to launch a war against the Mikaelsons. One of the best things about the first season of Legends of Tomorrow was that each one of the main characters had multiple opportunities to shine. Bones fans will have to wait a bit longer than previous expected to see the final season of the series.
The Legends of Tomorrow take Savage on one last time (or rather, three last times) in the season finale, "Legendary. Though by and large Survivor has stayed the same since the very first season, new twists and rules are added nearly all the time.

Clarke is no stranger to having the weight of the world on her shoulders and The 100 Season 3 finale, "Perverse Instantiation - Part Two," was no different.
The past two years have seen the exits of two series regulars on Grey's Anatomy, and another departure is upon us. It looks like Hawkgirl's flight at the end of season 1 of Legends of Tomorrow is going to last a long time. The team investigates the murder of an a cappella singer, which leads to a discovery about Aubrey's past, in Bones season 11 episode 16 "The Strike in the Chord.
It gives an in-depth look at the emotional stories behind the tattoos, and the meanings people attach to them. The four originally met ten years ago when they all studied in Miami under the world famous tattoo artist, the late Lou Sciberras.
There is no doubt, that this show is not great or the people who perform the act of tatooing are not absolutely gifted, however, over time, it becomes kind of like the same old same old. Customers will come in and get tattooed usually to mark a special occasion or for a serious reason.
The only thing is I didn't know this was the final episode :( Will the TV show ever come back??? The only thing is I didn't know this was the final episode :( My question is where is Miami Ink at, will the TV show ever come back???
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It's one of the best science fiction soap operas of all time with its countless twists, turns and cliffhangers. Many went in to this season unsure how the story could progress organically while also keeping us hooked after that major loss from season 11, but the folks at Grey's Anatomy did it in stride.
Folk from all walks of life come for tattoos, from punk rockers, to South Beach socialites, to celebrities.
During their apprenticeship they all lived and worked together, becoming the best of friends.

While they are tattooed they tell their stories and we get a little idea of why they want the tattoo. Then they went their separate ways and opened up their own tattoo parlors in Los Angeles, New York, Connecticut, and South Beach. Chris grew up in Pittsburgh and received his first tattoo at 6 years old, when he was accidentally stabbed in the finger with a pencil. However, they are now realizing their dream of reuniting and opening their own tattoo parlor together as partners. Yoji the apprentice in particular and his life with his girlfriend is followed and in one episode you learn that Ami used to be in the navy and he is doing a special Tattoo day for the troops. I am convinced that if there was more background on the artist, home life, love life, night life,etc this show could go on and on. The Tattoos are usually amazing and very detailed and I have to admit that I really like Kat's stuff who does portraits.
Chris got his start in tattooing when he sold his bass guitar at 17 to buy tattoo equipment.Chris is widely considered to be among the best tattoo artists in the world. With a celebrity-studded list of private clients (and a wait list), he has set the bar for the rest of the guys. He is at once stoic and soulful.When not tattooing, he might be found playing bass guitar, travelling the world or listening to live bands. He received his favourite tattoo three years ago from a monk when he was in Thailand - a Buddhist passage that can only be read by monks.

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