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In other words,Miami ink tatoo is a tatoo initiated by crews from Miami and its one of the best Ink tatoo in the United States. Today,the Miami ink Tatoo shop have turned to a full retail shop  for the clothing line company called Deville.even as the shop is making progress, James too have now opened a tatoo shop which has become so popular like the Miami Ink. Miami Ink is an American reality show on TLC that follows the events that took place at a tattoo shop in Miami Beach, Florida. Each episode featured a number of customers along with their backstories and motivations for choosing their tattoos.
Since Miami Ink went off air, Ami moved to New York City in 2011 to fulfill his dream of opening a legal tattoo shop there, called the Wooster St. Miami Ink has been shown mainly on channels of the Discovery Network, including Discovery Real Time (UK, Ireland, France, Italy), the Discovery Channel (Norway, Poland, Denmark, Romania, Finland, The Netherlands, South Africa, Namibia, Belgium, Turkey, Portugal, Czech, Spain), DMAX (UK, Ireland and Germany), Discovery Travel and Living (Croatia, India, Italy, Russia, Serbia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Macedonia, Denmark, Singapore, Portugal, Hong Kong) and People & Arts (Latin America, Spain and Brazil).
Miami Ink — es un reality show estadounidense cuyo escenario es un estudio de tatuaje real de Miami, Florida.
IN ASSOCIATION WITH over 65 online stores and hundreds of designers.All transactions are safe and secure with a reliable history in online purchasing behind each of our associates. The TV show Miami Ink is a reality show on TLC, which features stories that revolve around the events that take place at the popular Miami Ink tattoo shop in Miami. Fortune Teller Miami Ink t-shirtThe front of this Miami Ink tee features a winged skull with daggers through the eyes sitting on a cross adorned with thorny vined roses. The event followed was first taken place at a tatoo shop in Miami beach.the show started in 2005,and it got on air in 2006. But now it is now known as Love hate tatoo co-owned by international tatoo artists like  Chris Nunez,Chris Garver, Ami James, Darren brass, Luke Wessman, and Yoji Harada. When the show was broadcasted,each episode featured some customers sharing  their testimonies.  The episodes where mainly organized  and narrated by James Nunez, and the main musical theme for the show was the ‘’Funky Kingston’’. The first 6 episodes of Miami Ink were directed by David Roma, an influential member of creating the format. It has also been broadcast by Viasat 4 (Norway), TV6 (Sweden), TV3+ (Denmark) and JIM (Finland). Es protagonizado por los artistas de tatuajes Ami James, Chris Nunez, Chris Garver, Darren Brass y el aprendiz Yoji Harada. Buy Miami Ink shirts and LA Ink t-shirts like the Kat Von D t-shirt and the Koi Tattoo Miami Ink t-shirt. Here, you will find an attractive selection of Miami Ink clothing, including the highly sought after Miami Ink t-shirts and LA Ink shirts like the bestselling Kat Von D t-shirt and the Koi Tattoo Miami Ink tee. Ami teamed up again with David Roma and Charlie Corwin to detail the proceedings in the shop on NY Ink, which premiered June 2, 2011 on TLC.
Get your ink on in one of these bestselling Miami Ink t-shirts that display the Evers design. The show has given birth to several multi- award winning programs like NY ink,london ink, and LA ink.

This official piece of Miami Ink clothing is perfect for fans who want to attract attention. The show has on occasion featured the personalities from other TLC shows such as American Chopper. Check out gallery below for more Miami Ink merchandise, such as hats, beanies and costume sleeves.
Even if you haven't been inked, these tees are a great way to show your appreciation for the art and culture. After she served the Miami crew for three years,she moved to Los Angeles to start the LA show, that was how the LA ink tatoo show began. Other Miami Ink clothes include employee tattoo shirts.To buy a T-Shirt, click the image or link for store and size information. Link to: Fortune Teller Miami InkNo Surrender Miami Ink t-shirtThis dark tee features a patriotic skull design that was inspired by the work of the Miami Ink tattoo artists.
Surrounding the skull on this Tattoo Miami Ink t-shirt are two strands of gold wheat and a ribbon that displays the Miami tattoo shop's logo.
Link to: No Surrender Miami InkLA Ink Phoenix teeAn eye-catching phoenix design appears on the front of this bestselling LA Ink t-shirt that encourages you to spread your wings. The design is available on a variety of tees, including baby doll, petite, long sleeve and American Apparel. Order this LA Ink item with a coveted piece of Miami Ink merchandise while they're still available.
Link to: LA Ink PhoenixLA Ink Kat Von D shirtThe front of this black LA Ink clothing item features tatto artist Kat Von D.
The title of the show appears to the right of the design in white print, while a spiky red design runs across near the middle. Wear this tee to help convince everyone that you are an LA Ink or Miami Ink tattoo artist like Chris Garver and Kat Von D. Fans of the LA and Miami Ink TLC TV shows will love them, especially anyone who likes to show off their ink. Link to: LA Ink Kat Von DMiami Ink War Reptile t-shirtThis dark tee features a reptile design that includes the furious hunter wrapping himself around a gladiator helmet.
The ferociously dazzling design featured on this Miami Ink t-shirt promotes the artwork of the Miami tattoo shop and is perfect to wear whether you have your own body art or not. The silver and reds are subtle, yet they effectively grab the attention of the people around you. Link to: Miami Ink War ReptileLA Ink Logo t-shirtHead to California in this officially licensed LA Ink tee that features the TLC TV show logo on the front. It is a tribute to the spin-off show and the legendary female Miami Ink tattoo artist Kat Von D, who left the Florida shop because of personal differences with owner Ami James. Look for other tattoo t-shirts in addition to the Kat Von D LA Ink tattoo shirt on the left, including designs inspired by Chris Garver, Darren Brass and Yoji Haradav.

Link to: LA Ink LogoMiami Ink Honor teeThis cool addition to our selection of Miami Ink merchandise features a design that includes the Chinese markings for "honor" on the front, printed vertically in black ink.
The back of this yellow tee displays a design that includes the Miami Ink TV show logo, along with the word "HONOR" printed underneath the logo.
Don't be shy to wear this Miami Ink clothing item everyday, just like you would a real tattoo. Link to: Miami Ink HonorMiami Ink Kings Reasoning t-shirtThe design on the fronts of these olive green Miami Ink t-shirts includes a large skull with a cross behind it. We can't promise that it will scare any birds away, but the unique design will surely turn a few heads. Wear this tee to have drinks at Love Hate, the bar that tattoo artists Ami James and Chris Nunez co-own together. Link to: Miami Ink Kings ReasoningPeacock Tattoo LA Ink t-shirtSpread your wings in this great looking peacock tattoo LA Ink t-shirt that features a colorful peacock on the front. Ever since the Miami Ink TV show went off the air, fans have been tuning in to Kat Von D and her tattoo parlor that has included artists like Corey Miller, Kim Saigh and Hannah Aitchison. Pair it with a Miami Ink tee to show off both your tough and tender sides while always keeping you in style. Link to: Peacock Tattoo LA InkJapanese Carp Tattoo shirtsThese Japanese Carp Miami Ink style tattoo shirts are one of a kind Ts, which feature a black and white pencil style drawing of a Japanese Carp splashing in the water.
It resembles the nearly identical Koi fish (ornamental carp) that can be seen on the Miami Ink tee shirts.
Link to: Japanese Carp TattooTattoo Costume Sleeves and ShirtsPair your officially licensed TLC Miami Ink Tattoo Shop t-shirt with a set of tattoo sleeves that will make you look like you just left the Miami Ink tattoo parlor. The fake slip on designs are also available on tattoo shirts that are perfect for costumes.
Pretend that you are covered in tattoos like ink artists Chris Garver, Darren Brass, and Yoji Harada. Pair the tattoo sleeves with a tee from above and represent Ami James and Chris Nunez's famous shop that has left its mark on hundreds of customers, including a growing number of famous faces. Link to: Tattoo Costume Sleeves andMiami Ink Hats and BeaniesDespite the TV show going off the air, the brand itself has grown more popular than ever. Cap off a tee from our gallery with one of these Miami Ink hats and beanies that display the logo, in addition to tattoo like designs that include skulls, wings and roses.

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