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Here is a kind of tattoo that combines strong and weak forces of nature that meets the standard mixture of compatibility involving celestial moon sun tattoo designs.  While the strong force represents the sun and the moon stands for the weak side, it can also be interpreted as combination of yang and yin energies, yang being the stronger one. This contrast of character make them more interesting to analyze with the sun representing authority, power, wisdom and strength, while the moon stands for instincts, emotions, love and beauty.  The celestial moon sun tattoo designs could also be interpreted as the union of husband and wife in a marital relationship where the husband takes care of strong decisions, and the wife serves as the balancing factor to create a well-balanced decision-making.

Therefore, all these important characters that makes up the union of the mighty sun and the calm nature of the moon when achieved by all individuals on earth make this planet a nice place to live in as depicted by the celestial moon sun tattoo designs.  These 2 celestial forces epitomize the grand principles of generative cycles of man involving the active forces of nature and the passive elements.

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