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The fitness poster collage above features four of our most popular inspirational workout quotes.
The above 4-poster collage and the 28 motivational fitness posters in this fitness gallery are also available in the soft, pastel tones seen here. Visit our black and silver quote series of 52 fitness inspiration posters with 52 exercise and workout quotes for gym and fitness motivation. Visit our Great Minds Think Fita„? Store to view our entire collection of Motivational Posters and Inspirational Gifts for health, sports and fitness motivation.(Clicking on the link above or the Great Minds Think Fita„? image will open up a new window. Any illness that falls under the category of "mental illness" is - if it is something from which you suffer. While taboos about mental illness have certainly decreased over the years, it seems as though "mental wellness" is what more people focus on. There are still many a person who believes that depression is more about a "state of mind" rather than a medical issue involving a chemical imbalance in the brain. Some people suffer from "clinical depression" - which, in short - involves an issue with optimal levels of serotonin in the brain.
I am not here to give you long, detailed information about different kinds of depression, nor do I claim to know all of it.
Someone can seem to have it "all together" when they feel as though everything in their world is falling apart. Photos of me smiling, of my children playing and being silly, status updates and antidotes filled with witty banter about my "crazy yet wonderful" life fill Facebook and this blog. I am usually someone who is what many would call a "high-functioning" person who suffers from bouts with depression. Clinical and situational depression, some physical health issues, stress and lots of life change (including the break-up of my 17 year relationship with my husband - the father of my three boys) have resulted in my body finally reaching its limit.

I am currently on leave from my full-time job - as prescribed by my doctors - to take stock of my health. But when it is all that you can do to muster up the physical and emotional strength just to get out of bed in the morning (usually after not sleeping very well - very common when one is depressed and anxious) - it is next to impossible to work and parent effectively.
I know I am a great person, a hard worker, a good mother, a reliable friend and all that wonderful stuff. I have realized that I can't be as effective as I know I CAN be at work or at home or at play unless I take the time to stop and take care of ME. And I wanted to let you know this because I am sure many of you reading this struggle with similar things. These are the four cornerstones that I am addressing to bring myself back to the Lora I know I am.
Anonymous28 February 2014 at 21:48Thank you for being brave and for sharing your story Lora.
My name is Lora Rossi and I'm the single mother of 3 boys, writer, blogger, artist, DIYer, certified home stager, healthcare professional, non-profit executive and I have a passion for connecting with and helping others, especially through the creative arts and the written word. I'm a rule breaker, a cookie baker, a lawn raker, an earth quaker, a morning waker, an ass shaker, a for heaven saker, a home maker and most of all a hug taker.
On a continuous journey to live an authentic life and to remind others of the importance of doing the same, I blog to evoke thought, feeling and action and like to throw in a little wit along the way.
Sometimes in life we all need to remember how important we are and the difference one person can make. The collage print features four fitness quotes in black thread and cross-stitch on ripped cloth. Like many illnesses and conditions or whatever you choose to call them, there are a myriad of "severities".

I write about health and wellness and being present and how happiness is all in how you react to what life throws at you. But lately, this often does not translate over to the emotional side of my inner voice or "critic". To extend my experiences outward in hopes of making others feel that what they are going through is not something they are experiencing by themselves.
The four posters within this collage are in blue, yellow, green and red.The fitness quotes for workout motivation are by motivational author Felicity Luckey. Social media is lit up with inspirational quotes from everyone from Chopra to Gibran to famous celebrities to life coaches and motivational speakers.
I have amazing friends and a family that is probably the best and most supportive family in the world. ATTITUDE IS A LITTLE THING THAT MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FITNESS SUCCESS AND FITNESS FAILURE. It is something we women do, put ourselves on the back burner and that never turns out well.
Please remember your strength is greater than you perceive and LOVE YOURSELF fully all flaws included.

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