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When you get to a point in your life when you only see moving forward as the only option, then you will realize that no dream is ever too big to achieve. I thought people would know to drink fresh water without having their water bottle tell them to. I still feel this way to an extent, however, as a recent and lost-feeling graduate, have come to realize the power these words have. Seeing these four words together, for whatever reason, makes me believe that everything is going to be okay. Recently I stumbled upon the commencement speech Ellen Degeneres made at Tulane University in New Orleans.

She states that when she was younger she had no ambition and no idea where she was heading. Essays, exams and a budget that only covers canned soup for lunch can accumulate into low spirits. When you are entering the graduation phase and haven’t a clue what to say when people ask you what’s next on the agenda, it’s easy to feel discouraged. I figured the idea that friends were more important than money was common sense and not something that needed to be proclaimed on a gym bag. I assumed people naturally did things they enjoyed without relying on their desk calendar to put this idea in their head.

Things will happen when they happen and in the meantime there is so much else to be enjoyed. It genuinely comforts me and makes me see that although student life is over, new grad life can be simpler than we always make it out to be. She has over 11 million followers on Facebook today, but at one point she had zero and lived alone in a basement apartment.

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