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The designs have a huge variety and one can choose from various types of styles, ranging from elaborate to concise. Check out the blend of treble clef and bass clef that creates a lovely heart shaped musical note tattoo design on the foot.
The soft slender sleeve of the girl looks even more attractive with the two-in-one music notes tattoo. This curvaceous musical note is a popular tattoo that looks all the more rhythmical when done with several other small musical notes. Sitting between the fold of two fingers, this music note tattoo has a cute and catchy appeal. The infinity symbol and the different musical notes create an attractive design on the music lover’s forearm. Catchy musical note tattoo design presented in the shape of a violin looks very attractive.
Flowing melody finds a place on the back of the music lover in the form of a cool tattoo piece.
The wearer belongs to musical profession and got the musical notes tattoo as a mark of love and tribute. This musical waist tattoo has got a clean and sharp look that makes a fine artistic style statement.
Oozing an endearing evocative touch, this music note design looks very cool with the butterflies and flowers. Crafted with the peace symbol, this wavy musical note tattoo stands for the harmonious effect of music on our souls. The interlocked treble clef and bass clef tattoo is worn by many music lovers due to its captivating and creative look. The bass clef music note containing the yin yang symbol looks very pleasing and stands for harmony. The undulating musical note tattoo has a fragrant touch and looks quite sexy, sitting on the lower back.
Have a look at the small treble clef sitting on the wrist along with a pair of stars and another tiny musical note.
The bright red nautical stars accompanying the treble clef make for a meaningful tattoo design.
These musical notes and the stars have a classic romantic appeal that signifies the soothing and salubrious effect of melodies on our heart. This musical note tattoo of the girl is accompanied by multiple stars that add to its charming appeal. Blend the treble clef and bass clef into a single piece to get an admirable heart shaped musical note design.
See the thing I notice with tattoos are the detailed ones looks great but then the simpler ones are so effective too. Wow amazing i love these Upbeat Music Note Tattoo i was really waiting for these type of tattoos because i love music.

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If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Nice Tattoos, Creative Tattoos, Samoan Tattoo Designs and Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas. The girl expresses her admiration for country music with this cute tattoo engraved with a hat and musical note. Grace is the name of the girl’s deceased grandmother and she got this musical note tattoo as a mark of love and regards. The clean curvy contours of this musical note tattoo is symbolic of the girl’s interest in music. This musical arm tattoo has got a very groovy artistic appeal and the flowing wavy outlook creates a soothing effect.
The three musical notes behind the ear symbolize the fact that the past, present and future of the girl revolve around music. The cursive treble clef symbol looks very appealing when done in a creative style with other musical notes. Combining the peace, heart and musical note symbols in one, this back tattoo expresses the peaceful and lovely effect of music on our mind. This romantic music tattoo carries the actual notes from a song of the wearer’s favorite artist. The laughing and crying masks carved along with musical notes is symbolic of the twin melodies that rule our life i.e.
The wearer shows his love for rock music with this guitar and music notes tattoo done on the upper back.
The flower design and the heart shapes complement the treble clef symbol and stand for the healing effect of music.
Engraved behind the ear, this tattoo looks very cute and expresses the wearer’s craze for music.
Check out this cool music tattoo that shows music notes running from the nape towards the ear. Music provides ample food for thought to this guy and the tattoo on his belly is an expression of the same. The bright orange flames and the bold treble clef surrounded by music notes stand for the wearer’s obsession for music. Starting from the foot and graduating towards the leg, this musical tattoo is symbolic of the liberating nature of music. The girl is an avid music lover and this foot tattoo is an expression of her love and admiration. This 3D style tattoo carved with mike and musical notes has got a very appealing realistic look. The favorite track of the wearer finds a place on her ribcage in the form of a cute music tattoo. This musical tattoo is a beautiful expression of the wearer’s passion and love for music. Check out this gray and white musical note tattoo sitting on the back of the girl’s neck. This cat shaped musical note tattoo looks very intriguing and conveys the girl’s love for singing and her pet kitty. Carved around the forearm, this tattoo is a tribute to the wearer’s deceased brother who was a singer.

The music notes surrounding the microphone look very charming and express the love of the wearer for singing. This beautiful quote about music and the treble clef symbol give us a glimpse into the omnipresent nature of music. The girl loves to play guitar and this tattoo on her upper back conveys her liking and love. Eye-catching Music Tattoo is mine favorite music tattoo from all these music tattoos displayed here. Tattoos lovers will definitely like our collection of music tattoos and if somebody is looking for good design then please visit this post and recommend to you friends. For them, this blend of modern and traditional body art form is a fine way of expressing their likes. One very well known musical design is the combined creation of treble clef and bass clef that looks like a heart. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. One can get any of these carved on their body or a combination of any of these to convey their admiration, passion and love for music. A lot of people love music, so do they love tattoo, which is not compulsory, because it is very painful experience while tattooing in the body. Every music tattoo is having music element, music note, microphone, etc., could become your tattoo subject. The music note tattoos enjoy a popular status and they are the best way to express one’s passion and enthusiasm for music. Stars and flowers are also very popular elements that are often seen with the musical notes.
Most of us love music and some of us also love to express our love for the same through music tattoos. A good number of music lovers and music professionals like to get their body inked with various kinds of melodious designs to show their love and admiration for music. If you are a music lover in search of music note tattoo designs, this is a place to be inspired.
These tattoos are very common in nature and men and women with a passion for melody love to wear their love on their body parts.
If you want to find out more about the designs and meanings of these melodious tattoos then do check out the post we have created here. Singers, musicians and others who are associated with music in any professional form mostly go for these tattoos. Here we have created a collection of 26 pictures that show people with different types of musical tattoos on their different body parts. Take a look and find out for yourself what wonders you can create on your body through these rocking tattoos.

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