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Many young married couples are opting to skip the traditional wedding bands, and go for something a little more unique– tattoos! Those who want to make their body as a canvas to some sort of paintings along with fashion, shoulder is a best option for them. Women who wear skirts, hot pants or dresses that make your legs bare can do leg tattoos as these are incredibly stylish and are uncommon.
Generally, men prefer such type of tattoos on the side and front of the neck but women prefer throat or neck for such tattoos.  Men usually prefer bold designs like skull, dragon designs, snakes and bad words like HELL, EVIL etc, but for a woman a flower, a rose and other beautiful designs look great on the side of the neck. You will get to know through this post about the designs which really suits to your particular part of the body. Arms are preferred for making tattoos by almost everyone who think of going for a fashion with tattoo. Wide variety of tattoos and large tattoos can be displayed on your shoulder and it looks amazingly chic and stylish. Tattoos done on fingers will obviously be small in size ranging from simplest text or band, flower petals, hearts, chain of stars or any intricate and outlandish designs to a mini portrait.
These tattoos represent an edgy and unique body art and specially preferred by the celebrities. As we all know that neck is one of the most sensory parts of the body though girls prefer tattoos on the neck. And everyone should prefer good and trusted tattoo artist as these are long lasting things. Your shoulder tattoo can also express your feelings, taste, choice, likings, thoughts or personality in details.

Finger tattoos are quite interesting as fingers can be said as easily visible area and are out of sight at times. Celebs or general persons who want to express themselves with a completely different and uber stylish look, very bold and desperate can go for the ribcage tattoos.
Basically, tattoos on the neck are originated for man, but for a few years a lot of women are favoring this type of body art.
Tattoo is nothing but a design done with ink of different colors which is inserted into dermis layer of the skin. Shoulder tattoos are commonly preferred by the women as it reveals more style, fun and looks more flashy and sexy.
You can make wide range designs like fairies, scenery, and huge vine of flowers or even animals of your choice that go fine with your personality.
Leg tattoos can be bright, fun and engaging the calves of your legs giving a graceful cover and a tasteful dimension to a girl’s looks.
Just you need to have short length hair or to tie your hair off the neck so the tattoo is clearly visible. May be it’s your upper arms near to shoulder, or it may be the elbow or forearms or near your wrist. Ear tattoos are mostly done on the ear lobes, behind the ear, around the ear and even inside the ear. Shoulder tattoos have an added advantage, as you can hide it with a covered dress if required on your professional ground and can be showed off for party or whenever you want by wearing strapless, sleeveless or low shoulder tops. The advantage of doing this tattoo is that it is less painful than the other parts of your body.

Both men and women are now interested to engrave their body parts with different type of tattoos.
As the neck area is not very wide, small tattoos like flower, star, zodiac or vine looks good on the neck.
Where ever you make your desired tattoo in the arm, it is easily visible and makes your fashion outstanding. Making tattoos are very exotic and vivid as it is linked with fashion.  Pretty, enchanting and chic tattoo designs expresses one’s personality and adds up lasting impression on the mind.
Traditionally arm band tattoos were more common among the men and women which were done around the biceps or triceps. Generally small and narrow designs like flowers, stars, butterfly, musical notes are chosen for ear tattoos. But who are willing to make tattoo on their neck should be aware of the fact that it is not very easy to do.
Fore arm tattoos are becoming popular now a days among both men and women because of their visibility. Almost every kind of designs like flower, dragon, dolphin, skull bar wire, celtic, hearts suits on forearms.

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