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Thousand Oaks, California, April 7, 2009 – World-recognized strategy, innovation, and design consultancy RKS is proud to announce the introduction of the Neuma Hybrid Tattoo Machine, as RKS helps Neuma revolutionize the tattoo industry and usher in a new age of artistry, comfort, and safety. Dissatisfied with traditional coil machines, award-winning tattoo artist and inventor Carson Hill set out to create a completely new kind of tattoo technology – the first air-powered tattoo machine.
The latest evolution of the Neuma, the Neuma Hybrid, is the result of Hill’s desire to constantly push for improvements. Whether you’re an artist, a long-time collector, or someone who’s been tempted but afraid to get a tattoo, the Neuma Hybrid represents a breakthrough in delivering a safer, less-painful, tattoo experience. For the rest are all advantages, not heavy, not vibrate, are super fast, less pleasing skin heal what works best, fast installation, easy to carry, etc. Unlike heavy, awkward, loud and temperamental tattoo machines, the Neuma Hybrid Tattoo Machine ($400) boasts a modern design with a lightweight stainless steel, anodized aircraft-grade aluminum construction. This latest evolution of Neuma tattoo machine was born because of Carson Hill’s (the creator of neuma) desire to constantly push for improvement. The superior technology of Neuma tattoo machines benefits tattoo collectors and artists alike – with the lighter-weight, fully-autoclavable tattoo machine delivering a less painful tattoo experience and drastically reduced healing times. Carved out of solid aluminum years before the MacBook made it cool, the original pneumatic tattoo machine, known as the Neuma2, was light-weight and fully-autoclavable. Hill listened carefully to suggestions from artists and engaged RKS to re-engineer and re-design the Neuma2.

Year-round and world-wide, tattoo artists travel to expos to create their art right before their fans’ eyes. And as for Carson Hill, perhaps Rosenau said it best, “He’s developed something that’s changing the way tattoos are done and the look of tattoos.
To […]Sparc MGS Watch Uses Your Wrist Movements to Activate Its Micro-Generator SPARC MGS watch from Ventura is an automatic digital watch that takes advantage from the movements of your wrist.
There are two models, the SS (standard tour, suited for line) and LS (long stroke to shade and fill).
This air-based tattoo machine features optimized airflow for better torque and higher speeds which reduces the sting factor associated with the tattooing process. With the help of RKS, Neuma has revolutionized the tattoo industry and usher in a new age of artistry, comfort, and safety.
With the baggage restrictions now in force by airlines, it’s becoming more of a challenge to travel with an air compressor.
The difference is the turbine that is inside the machine that makes the needle move different route.
All parts of the Neuma Hybrid Tattoo Machine are manufactured to medical-grade standards for better hygiene and to significantly decrease the chances of spreading blood-borne diseases. Neuma hybrid tattoo machine comes in small package and weighs less than half as much as traditional coil machines, yet this machine is very powerful.

At only 3.7 ounces in its pneumatic configuration, the Hybrid still weigh less than half as much as traditional coil machines. The Neuma and RKS teams brainstormed an ideal solution… a motorized module that magnetically-couples with the Neuma to transform it into an electric-powered tattoo machine. From the name itself, you might know it was inspired by armors and skeletons […]Clean Life Project Metally Prepares You to Quit Smoking Stop smoking is not as easy as you’d think, Clean Life project aims to help people by giving an emotional aid through its “Breath Analyzer”, “Decision Reminder”, and “Social Media”. Packed inside this small but powerful package is an improved pneumatic design for greater efficiency and less air consumption, a larger impeller for more torque, a cushioned armature for compliance, a variable stroke-length, an improved collet, and optimized cycle timing for less drag on the skin when lining.
This means that Neuma artists can have the Neuma performance they love in an electric configuration that still weighs a full third less than traditional coil machines. Everything has a bactericidal treatment (silver ions) and the machines can be sterilized by autoclaving.
What concerns be grips, tips and rear tubes do not need any special work that normally work with either metal or disposable about the tires, you can use the two laps conventional or special Eikon has a tailor. Hammers and pass better life springs The machine comes standard with 1.8m small tube with three different hardness interchangeable cushions that fit where the needle goes, (these would be like strapping a conventional machine) Machines has five year warranty and also have spares in case you were needed.

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