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It's no big news that Harry Styles has a new-ish padlock tattoo that was given to him by pal Ed Sheeran, but Harry did get a little more ink added recently.
Additional tattoos were spied by The Daily Mail when Harry left Manchester's Key 103 radio station last night. Watch One Direction on Ireland's Late Late Show, where they talk about Harry's tattoos (around 11:00 in the video)--he had gotten them that day, but couldn't show them off because his jacket was too tight!
Zayn Malik gets a glimpse of Harry Styles‘ new tattoos while arriving at a studio in Hollywood on Thursday afternoon (November 8).
Looks like it inspired both Zayn and Louis Tomlinson to add new tattoos to their skin as well.

After performing on X Factor USA, Louis and Zayn were spotted at the tattoo hot spot getting a new design etched in. Harry also appears to have new left arm ink that are location-related: LA (Los Angeles), NY (New York) and LDN (London). He also appears to have the words "Can I Cry" tattooed on his shoulder above his ship tattoo.
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