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Featuring an NHL team-themed design, the Fan Ink Tribal tattoo sleeve slips right on your arm for a totally hip addition to any game-day getup. He took the time to talk with us about his latest project and his knowledge of tattoo culture that compels him to judge the strengths and flaws of his peers.“ I think “Ink Master” is going be the realest take that the tattoo community has seen on TV in the sense that tattooing is very much in real time —Chris Nunez ”Hi, Chris. I’m interested in what it means to you going from being an artist to a critic.I think it’s basically like any art studio kind of thing.
You work at one thing for so many years that whether you claim to be the best at it, or not, you know what is good or not. I’ve definitely put in my stripes to get where I am, and I can definitely call a good tattoo.Right on.
I think that at the end of the day, the cool thing is whether the guys like what I have to say or not, they all go back and talk about it amongst themselves and they can understand where I’m coming from. But again, these guys are all my peers and at the end of the day we could all be right back on the same boat together, so for the people that deserve to be there, I definitely let them know it. I grew up with a family that I travelled with a lot and spent a lot of my childhood growing up on planes. And it just felt like if I knew how to tattoo, I could go anywhere around the country and more so anywhere on the planet. I’d be able to earn a living, take in other cultures, and work with people that I really looked up to. That was really the turning point and basis for my tattooing was that I really loved the art.

I’ve looked at it since I was a little kid and I knew that I always wanted to be part of that. Even when I was eight, ten years old, I’d see guys walking around with tattoos and I thought it was the coolest thing. By the time I was twelve I was doing graffiti, buying tattoo magazines and copying the images out of the pages, trying to copy a biker tattoo and putting the images up on the wall. But really the ability to travel and earn a living anywhere you go is what really appealed to me because I really never wanted a boss.Were there any particular cultures that you were drawn to?Oh, for sure-Japanese tattooing.
At the same time I spent a lot of time in Europe and the European style had a twist on Japanese tattooing; it made it a little fancier, a little more technical, or just exaggerated certain elements of the drawing or the composition itself.
That really struck a chord with me so I guess I gravitated more toward a Euro-style Japanese tattoo than a traditional Japanese style.
Then I got to work in Brazil with a guy who was one of the tops in the field that excelled at that, by the name of Mauricio Theodoro. You know, the style of tattooing that Juan does is so classical and clean, and timeless; everything’s flawless. In this competition, I think that right now we’re trying to get a level of tattooer that, if they’re going to win this competition, they’ve got to be well-rounded and be able to do everything.
When I judge category by category, I kind of took into account what they did the past week or past three weeks versus what they did this time. I spent about a year and a half or two years living out in Dallas with my friend Frank Lee.

I never knew Dave [Navarro] until the day we sat down to do pre-production for the show and he ended up being a really cool guy. He’s a really quick witted, fast-talking guy and it makes it really fun to be with someone who can have a verbal-volleyball kind of way with people that people still love him. I always loved the mystique of tattooing being the underground art style and that kind of mysterious thing.
It wasn’t so much about sharing every meaning and every decision you make when it comes to your tattoo.
Have tattoo artists made way better livings, and found themselves doing way more collaborations with mainstream brands and low brow art? If we personally don’t feel like what the client wants is our forte then it’s our responsibility to send the client to someone who might enjoy that better. You’ve just got to try to steer them in the right direction and let them decide from there. If it’s something you, as an artist, can’t stand, then politely tell them it’s not your bag.Well said.

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