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Westbrooks told ESPN's Nick Wagoner that he got a tattoo below his eye in 2011 because he never wanted to get a normal job again.
The story goes that Westbrooks was working at a Toys 'R' Us in Sacramento while playing football and going to school at Sacramento City Junior College. Westbrooks' incredible performance in training camp and the preseason is widely regarded as the reason Sam was cut. After quitting Toys "R" Us, Westbrooks transferred to West Texas A&M, where he tore up the Division II ranks.
Steph Curry is a man of family and faith, and he is so dedicated to his wife Ayesha that he has a tattoo tribute to her for when he is playing ball. Curry has known his wife since he was in high school, though they didn’t begin dating until college. As we shared two years ago, Steph and his wife Ayesha have matching tattoos in Hebrew on their wrists. Colin Kaepernick just started his offseason, and he is not wasting any time adding to his tattoos. Locquiao is actually a different artist from whom Kaepernick received many of his other tattoos while in college at the University of Nevada in Reno. The conventional wisdom on Nick Sundberg‘s training camp and preseason is so widely-accepted that even his mom agrees with it.

Being Nick’s mom, though, Stacie Sundberg was able to go a little beyond that conventional wisdom and explain how the ups and downs had all felt to Nick. Indeed, Sundberg has definitely rebounded from his shaky moments, but he remains in a competition with veteran James Dearth for the position. His high school coach was Ben Bernard, also of Arizona Elite Longsnapping, and Bernard started working with Sundberg in high school.
The strangest coincidence about this whole meeting was that Sundberg had actually just mentioned his mother to me a day or so before, when I was asking about his unexpectedly colorful full-back tattoo. See, Nick Sundberg doesn’t look much like a tattoo guy, even at a point when just about every other person has a tattoo hidden somewhere.
The tattoo is unfinished, and Nick Sundberg actually hopes it will remain so for quite some time.
Louis Rams rookie defense lineman Ethan Westbrooks made the final 53-man roster on Saturday, beating out Michael Sam for one of the team's final spots.
He didn't like the job and decided when he quit that he had no intention of working a normal job again. The Rams had a crowded group of players along the defensive line to begin with, and Westbrooks' emergence pushed out Sam. The San Francisco 49ers quarterback added a tribal design around his pectorals and trapezius.

In addition to being a tattoo artist, Locquiao owns Cukui boutique in San Francisco, which is a clothing store that sells designs inspired by Pacific Islander and Chicano cultures. If schooling and training have any influence on the results (they don’t, really, but work with me), Sundberg will be hard to beat. Either Sundberg or Dearth might find out their number is up tomorrow, or Saturday, or halfway through the season. Cukui boutique worked a deal with Kaepernick to sell shirts and sweatshirts inspired by the quarterback’s tattoos. But if that happens to Sundberg, it certainly won’t be for lack of practice or education on the subject of long-snapping. According to Westbrooks, an unlikely motivational tool a€” a face tattoo a€” is part of the reason for his success. Somehow, he decided there was no better way to do that than to have a reminder staring him in the face every time he looked in the mirror.

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