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Add to EJ Playlist  Piercing goes wrong at "Piercing Pagoda" when the needle of the gun is pierced through the skin and plastic.
It is actually a GOOD thing i took the jewelry out even though you're not supposed to, the bacteria would have spread no matter what.
Oh well, good while it lasted and its something that you can look back on and say you did!!! Ater seeing a nape piercing whilst on holidays last week, i went and got one done the next day… yikes now im reading the posts and thinking what have i done, am i destined to suffer & be dissapointed ??
Don’t be scared by the posts here everyone is different i have had my nape done for over a year now and have sailed through it i had 1 infection but got some antibiotic solution and dabbed it on twice a day and all sorted. Anyways… I just found this searching for advice and thought I would let you know that I am in the same boat. Judging by the image, the skin formed a keiloid, which in a way is the opposite of rejecting because the skin there gets so hard. I have my eyebrow done and have for 3 months now and have been told it might be rejecting and its really upsetting I LOVE IT.
Dont get me wrong tho surface piercings are great, i used to have my cleavage peirced(inbetween my boobs) i loved it i miss it like hell as well,thank god ive still got photos lol.Mine was peirced with those flexi plastic bars with metal balls on the end whcih was really comfortable, which i was happy tthey didnt do it with a normal metal barbell. Oh ye amanda i also had my eybrow peirced mine started to reject aswell and one night it just fell out while i was brushing my hair lol,and i asked a few peircers if eyebrow has a high rejection rate and one of them who was also a female mentioned to me that shse had her eyebrow pierced 13 times cos its keep rejecting for some reason it jsut doesnt stick under some peoples skin,which is a bugger cos i miss mine i got a nifty lil split on my eyebrow tho lol. I have a nape piercing as well looks awesome, didn’t realise there was such a risk or rejection though but had mine for like 5 months already and still looking good.
I know that everyone’s bodies are different but now I am starting to sketch out reading all these posts.
Can someone explain why is it better to do the punch and taping method than to get it clamped and why this helps reduce the rejection rate? And if it gets infected or something, is it easy to take the whole piercing out altogether? As you may have read i have my nape done and have had no probs with it and if you are going to Camden then i would advise going to Cold steel i have had several piercings there and so have several people i know and Julie the piercer is fantastic.

As for changing the balls on it then once it has healed completely then go for your life but do wait till it has healed it can take up to a year though but you maybe one of these quick healers who sail through. I really really want this piercing, but I’m one of those people who almost passes out after being pierced–but i love them!
Copyright © 2010 - MillondeLooks - Privacy policy This blog is licensed under a Creative Commons. The girl said that she was a bleeder, so we should've prepared ourselvesLip Piercing GONE WRONG! The giant bubble that formed was just a physical warning sign that i needed to get to the doctor. If not, then why challenge the good doctor — and with what, your ignorance and aversional anecdotes?
But after all the trouble I’ve had with my arm surface piercing, I thought against it. It has its odd moments when it goes a bit swollen, but other than thst it’s been good as gold. My body just keeps trying to reject the hardware and I can’t deal with having to wear my hair so that the irritation is visible! It would have spread to my brain and killed me (a very potent strand of bacteria) whether I had left the bar in or taken it out.
If u dont wanna c the whole thing fast forward to the end.Passing out during tattoo session. With overworking myself and always being run down, the piercing was getting infected every few days. What the doctor didn’t also mention is that an infection spreading to the spine could kill you? I dont want to have to take it out but it becomes a bother and sore at times so il just have to say good bye to it and take it out. I went in for a consultation the week before just to make sure everything would go by well.

I really hope it doesnt reject and start pushing my barbell out more becuase i was told to take it out right away if it does otherwise there is a chance i could get a nasty scar.
I like to build things up and then one day I just go do it, like my tat and belly button ring. Adding on to the fact that i was NOT laughing at her, i was very nervous and it made it better than everyone else freaking out. Goshdarn trooper I just cant wait until it’s done healing and looks all purdy, hopefully it will be a little less red. I have 8 other piercings and never had a problem with any of them so I was kinda shocked at this one.
I know it won’t hurt during or right after the piercing, but what about the healing process? I wanna get my nape pierced now but i donno if i should if it will reject too seeings how i think my eyebrow is anyways of trying to keep a pericing from rejecting??? I swear by antiseptic wash, I usually spray loads over my piercing and on the bar, then move the bar around so it floods the piercing too, seems to work for me?
For you to ignore the importance of this issue in spite of the reality and fact that many people here are removing their piercings precisely because of health problems they’ve experience is wrong and irresponsible, to say the least.
I have my cartilage done and a few days after that if someone even thought about touching it it hurt so bad!!! I don't know if it hurt only cuz the dub ass couldn't get the bar into my tongue bUt yes it pretty much sucked but I love it ! People should be warned about the risks as well as the importance of practicing daily hygiene, if still interested.

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