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Symbolic meaning of number thirteen is surrounded with controversy.  Is it lucky?  Unlucky?  Only you can decide for yourself this post and my other more detailed page on thirteen may help you with your decision.
It is also seen as a sign of good fortune in ancient Greece where it is associated with the Zeus because he is the thirteenth and most powerful of Greek gods. For more information, visit my full-detail page on the Symbolic Meaning of Number Thirteen. Also, he says he wants to save them from the horrible life they were living, but he does it by treating them like they're all just a number and like they're criminals who need to follow his every rule and who need to be conditioned on how to act properly? I agree with you too - I expected a bit more, I also wanted to see him really set 13 apart from the rest. Arlene wrote: "I agree with you too - I expected a bit more, I also wanted to see him really set 13 apart from the rest.

When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. I do have to say that I really liked the author's general writing style and that I've enjoyed the other books of her that I've read so far so I'll definitely still read her future work as well. I do get the point of the story and the general message behind it, I just don't really understand the execution.
At the beginning of the story we have thirteen girls who have been captured by a man named William.
There should have been more focus on the two of them together instead of all the girls as a group. They don't know how they got there or what their names are or what the purpose is of them being there.

And although I did feel sorry for what happened to him as a kid, it just doesn't justify the way he goes about "saving" those girls. Also, if all he wanted was to save them, then why did he select a few of them as his potential future "lover"?

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