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Use junk files removal utility to clean up disk space and keep your system operating at peak performance.
Enlarge patterns and drawings easily with the helpful Rapid Resizer… useful for lots of craft projects.
Rapid Resizer saves paper by automatically choosing the most efficient page orientation for any size. Unlike most drawing programs, Rapid Resizer's Designer treats your design as an interconnected web of lines. Automatically turn a photograph into a rough pattern, use the designer to whiteout and add lines, then print it full size.

Color your pattern's pieces with real stained glass, wood, and fabric or use any image from your computer.
Print your colored design with the enlarger, share it on the Web, or e-mail it to a client. As you color your pattern, Rapid Resizer automatically adds up how much of each material you'll need to make your project. Get instant help and discuss other users' experience of working with Digeus utilities, software tips and tricks, new offers and much more.
Then it saves more ink by whiting-out light areas and by outlining dark areas and thick lines.

It contains top rated utilities that work together to increase your computer's overall performance, reduce error messages, system instability and crashes.

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