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What if, instead of leaving a plain background on my animal cartoons, I created colorful, textured, painted backgrounds instead? I created my first mock-up of this mash-up last week with my digital kitty laid over an acrylic background. For the past few days, I’ve been busy slinging paint onto canvases in a variety of unconventional ways. So I’ve been painting with bubble wrap, paper towels, brayers, stamps, nail brushes, loofah sponges, credit cards, and diverse scrape-y things.
Through all this, I’ve come up with some muddy mixed paint and some nearly insurmountable messes. I’ve also come up with some glorious textures that make me break out in contagious grins. The next morning, I woke up knowing that there had to be a corgi flying across the background. I only just started cartooning with a pencil, a sweet and forgiving erasable pencil, and now I’m going to use paint? After my pep talk, I took a deep breath, opened the file for the cartoon seen above, and then pasted the corgi over my canvas.
I opened the jpg file for the yellow-gold journal page I posted last week, pasted the Bossy Little Corgi layer over it, and used the magical Photoshop Elements tools to select the corgi and erase all of the page background layer that was not contained within the corgi’s outline.
I knew from the beginning that I wanted a word to appear on this painting, partly because powerful words are emphasized in Kelly Rae’s class and partly because I have a billion words bouncing around in my brain.
If you look closely, you can see separate layers of dark brown, tan, and white flecks for each letter.
I played with the colors a great deal, hoping to find the right blend of tones that stood out quietly from the painting and did not distract the eye from the sheer adorableness of corgi.

Somewhere in this process, I added a separate layer with a pale green border around the entire painting.
After awhile, that border became too bold for me, especially as the cartoon corgi softened into the painting. The green disappeared, and a nearly-invisible border took its place: a subtle darkened edging that adds depth to the whole painting without pulling the eye away from the focus. The difference really is subtle, but I love it.Click the image to enlarge it for a closer examination. Instead of signing it, I simply added my website name, as I’ve been doing all along on this site.
Later, when this corgi painting is truly finalized (?) and is ready for *gulp* printing, I’ll replace that website address with my actual signature.
Harmony I have developed a much deeper appreciation for your process, thank you for sharing. Cartooning in the Belly of the Whale: My artsy, dogsy life, now in glorious InkSpillVision! Well, these ways are unconventional to the conventionally-minded, but certainly conventional to the wholeheartedly unconventional. I wanted to draw a fresh cartoon, transfer it to the painted background using graphite, and then paint the corgi so that she would be an original corgi like no other corgi in the world. Even though I’ve been drawn to learning digital art as I also learn to use physical media, my heart longs for true originals.
I wanted her to feel integrated, as a soup would be after it had simmered all evening: blended and warm, merged as one.
Now that I see her juxtaposed against earlier versions, I wonder if she looks just a tad pale.

Though it’s difficult to see, there are actually three layers for each letter, as well as one hidden layer per, making twelve layers for a little three-letter word. Each of these colors represents one Elements layer per letter, with varying degrees of opacity.
Then I used a very fine eraser tool to strike through the letters, randomly distressing them. I’m actually really laughing out loud now, far more than the little letters lol can convey. I’m discovering that I have great joy not just in the process of creating, but in sharing that process with everyone here. When I paint (with real, physical paint) I’m trying now to create layers not unlike those I made in Elements. What a fabulous way to introduce digital painting to others… it IS all about the layers!
Then, I discovered a very cool layer setting called dissolve, which, well, dissolved the sharp lines of the letters around the edges and the distress marks. I selected the layer containing the stroke (dang, that sounds weird), and then changed its setting to a mysterious little thing called multiply. I wanted a unified image, one where the background and the corgi merge together, even while staying separate.
There is original art to be made digitally… sometimes, that is the only way you can make it original… is through digital (I know it sounds like a conundrum)!

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