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Mit unserem Windows 8 Starter Kit verhelfen wir Ihnen unkompliziert und kostengunstig zur eigenen Windows 8 App. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation has long had the reputation of being too difficult, slow, and expensive to be performed as part of the mainstream design process. In a recent survey of mechanical design engineers, 58% said that most engineers don’t have the necessary expertise and knowledge to use a CFD tool. Previous generations of CFD software also required a substantial amount of tuning and tweaking such as manually modifying cells to improve the mesh quality and adjusting solver controls such as the relaxation factors in an effect to get it to convergence to a solution. But in the last few years a new generation of CFD software has been introduced that addresses all the major reasons for the relative lack of use of CFD software. The newest generation of CFD software contains sophisticated automatic control functions that ensure convergence in almost every application without the need for manual tuning. The skills required to operate the CFD software are simply knowledge of the CAD system and the physics of the product, both of which the vast majority of design engineers already possess. CFD has long been used as a validation step after the design process has been essentially completed. The new generation of CFD software greatly reduces the time required for analysis by automating all of these steps.
The latest generation of CFD code intended for use during the mainstream design process substantially reduces the cost of performing CFD. In the past, it was necessary to copy or translate the CAD model to a different program and then modify it substantially in order to create the CFD model. The new generation of CFD software uses the native 3D CAD data directly for flow simulations without the need for translations or copies.
In the past, the use of CFD has been concentrated in a relatively small number of industries such as automotive, aerospace, and power generation producing high-value products in which fluid flow has an obvious and major impact on performance. Browse the most current issue of Design World and back issues in an easy to use high quality format.
Solar Power World reaches executives, managers, engineers, installers and technical professionals involved in the design, manufacturing, development, and installation of solar power projects. EE World Network of sites feature industry experts covering product news and reviews, EE video, “how-to” articles, best practices in electronics design and electronic datasheet resources.
Berater, Designer und Entwickler arbeiten eng zusammen, um Bedienkonzepte, UI-Design und Funktionalitaten auf die neue Plattform abzubilden.
Genauer gesagt vor 300 Millionen Turen, denn das sind die zu erwartenden Verkaufszahlen innerhalb des ersten zwolf Monate.
Aber mit der neuen strategischen Ausrichtung und der Vielzahl der technischen Neuerungen mussen sich alle Nutzer und Anbieter von Software auseinandersetzen. Shared Impressions ersetzt auf dem Tablet nicht nur ein gedrucktes Album, es bietet auch eine Diashow und stellt, auf Wunsch,  ganze Alben online fur Familie und Freunde bereit. Jellyfish  konnte bereits unter gro?em Anklang auf der CeBit in einer Alphaversion angespielt werden und wird im Spatsommer – punktlich zum Start von Windows 8, als downloadbare App erscheinen. That may have been true 10 years ago, but CFD has changed over the past decade and today has become much easier, faster, and less expensive to use.

The skills required to operate the CFD software are simple knowledge of the CAD system and the physics of the product, both of which the vast majority of design engineers already possess. This is most likely because all CFD codes of a decade ago and many of today require the user to have a deep understanding of the computational aspects of fluid dynamics in order to be certain of obtaining accurate results.
These tasks provided another reason why CFD required the skills of a specialist and could not be performed as part of the design process.
Its use of native 3D CAD data, automatic gridding of the flow space, and managing the flow parameters as object-based features eliminates the need for engineers to understand the computational part of CFD and instead enables then to focus on the fluid dynamics of the product which is already their responsibility to understand and master. Perhaps the most important function controls the quality of the mesh to avoid one of the biggest reasons for run divergence. The major reason is that in the past CFD took so long that if a design iteration were to be analyzed during the design process, it would have been superseded by other iterations before the analysis results were available.
The major reason why CFD has taken so long is because when a design iteration was to be analyzed during the design process, it would have been superseded by other iterations before the analysis results were available. In the new approach, native 3D CAD data is used directly for fluid flow simulations without the need for translations or copies.
Concurrent CFD software runs inside the same CAD software environment that design engineers are already familiar with.
The main reason was that the tools available to translate the CAD model to the CFD program required a considerable amount of manual intervention. All design changes based on simulation results are carried out directly in the CAD system using familiar solid modelling functions.
This has led to the belief among many that CFD only adds value to these high-value products.
CFD software’s ability to integrate CFD into the design process allows design engineers to focus on the physics of the problem, which in most cases, they already understand well and generate results more quickly. Spielen Sie bereits mit dem Gedanken Ihre Software auf Windows 8 anzupassen oder ist Windows 8 fur Sie noch kein Thema?
Yet, myths are standing in the way of greater use in the early phases of mechanical design. For example, users need to know how to translate their computer-aided design model into the CFD environment, then “reverse” the model so that empty flow space rather than the solid product is modelled, create a mesh with the right properties, determine boundary conditions, select the right physical models, tweak solver settings to ensure convergence, and other tasks. Virtually the only situation where the software will not converge is in a problem with a naturally unsteady flow. All ancillary data required for flow simulations, such as material properties and boundary conditions is associatively linked to the CAD model and carried along with all design changes. An even greater cost for most companies is the need to hire analytical experts to run the codes. This software eliminates the need for analytical specialists because it can be used by mechanical design engineers with minimal training.
Typically, the translation process might work for 80% of the geometry but the rest had to be re-created or simplified by hand. Concurrent CFD software uses the native 3D CAD data directly for flow simulations without the need for translations.

There is no need to create phantom “objects” in the feature tree to represent the fluid spaces.
Actually, fluid flow has a major impact on the performance of a wide range of products – performance which can be significantly improved by analysis.
Wir informieren Sie, warum Sie sich auf alle Falle mit Windows 8 auseinandersetzen sollten und warum es auch fur Ihre Anwendungen interessant ist. These myths help explain why only about 30,000 out of over 1 million mechanical design engineers worldwide use CFD to simulate fluid flow inside and around their products.
This used to require a time-consuming manual step of translating the geometry from the CAD software to the CFD package. The software analyzes the CAD model and automatically identifies fluid and solid regions without user interaction. Analytical experts were required for all CFD codes and are still required for most codes because the software requires the user to have a deep understanding of the mathematical aspects of computational fluid dynamics.
The software runs inside the same CAD environment that design engineers are already familiar with, and there is no need for the user to understand the mathematical aspects of CFD. Many users found it more reliable to start from scratch by creating the geometry in the CFD program, although this also involved a considerable expenditure of time. Flow conditions are defined directly on the CAD model and organized similarly to other design data in the feature tree. Every product which interacts with a fluid or gas and every production process involving fluids or gases is a potential subject of analysis.
You're invited to qualify for the fastest growing design engineering publication on the market today. From this point, another tedious step was required to extract the cavities from the CAD model and then mesh them.
Then the automatic mesher creates the mesh while maintaining the skewness, aspect ratio, warpage, and volume to high levels of quality, completely eliminating the need for any manual intervention.
These analysts need to spend a considerable amount of time training in order to keep up with the latest changes in the code. Finally, the latest generation of CFD software runs on PCs and laptops which have the power possessed by a supercomputer only a decade ago but cost just a few thousand dollars. This helps explain why today CFD is being used to improve products as diverse as swimming pools, toilets, lawn sprinklers, gas meters, production printing system, disk drives, and oil filters.
While automatic meshers have long been available, a considerable amount of manual intervention was still needed in order to maintain the quality of the mesh by eliminating gaps and overlaps, and maintaining the required skewness, aspect ratio, warpage, and volume of individual cells.
The result is that new parts and design changes can be meshed in a matter of minutes, dramatically reducing the time required for analysis.
In the recent past, CFD codes also required specialized hardware such as supercomputers in order to provide results within a reasonable period of time.

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