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So, tree tattoos carry the same symbolic value as they are associated with growth and abundance.
Other trees often featured in tattoo designs include apple, beech, cherry, elder, Joshua and maple. The trees are different, so the value of the TREE TATTOOS depend on what the tree and the context in which is represented on the body.

For example, the Greeks and Celts believed oak trees to be sacred while ash trees were revered by Scandinavian people.
But in general, the image of a tree in the tattoo means a natural dynamic growth and development, and the resumption of the cyclical life, the support of the universe and the link between heaven and earth. The “tree of life” is one of the most popular tree tattoo designs, symbolizing creation, strength, wisdom, protection, knowledge, forgiveness, salvation and beauty.

In many epic myths and legends of the trees are presented as living beings: they are moving, breathing, talking to each other and have a special magical powers.

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