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Allen Iverson Admits He Has One Tattoo That Doesn't Actually Mean Anything By Chris Yuscavage News Editor for Complex Sports. This site does not host any of the howtos or images, and rather link to pages accross the web. Learning to draw is a great activity that encourages the creativity of children as well as adults. Slytherin Snake - On her lower left leg, there is a large winding snake that goes all the way up to her knee. Inverted Cross in a Heart - On her left ring finger is a small inverted cross within a heart. Clawing Panther - On the back of her neck and close to her right shoulder blade is a black panther that is clawing its way up. Dagger-Pierced Heart - On her left arm is a ribbon-wrapped dagger stabbing through a heart.
Solid Black Eagle - On the inside of her right forearm, Aless has a large eagle that is inked in solid black. Anyone can improve their drawing skills by following simple free step by step drawing online tutorials. A cougar is known for finding sanctity even in darkness whilst being clever, resourceful, and unyielding.
She is known for fraternizing with the most-conceited of the purebloods before immediately locking lips with the slightly-grimy bartender of some obscure pub.
Alessandra is known for being a party-crawler, here one night, gone the next to disappear into a throng of gyrating bodies. Alessandra turns and spits at those words, promptly sneering "marriage be damned." Boys are boys, girls are girls. This is a symbol she chose to signify death and rebirth, a representation of her constant struggle to make sure that her personality never dies. A tattoo she got post-graduation to pay homage to the House she was sorted into, a representation of her allegiance to being a Slytherin Alum.
She got it to represent how she vehemently believes in equal rights, though she never speaks about it personally. A spur of the moment tattoo, Aless got this one at age 19 to show how she was going to claw her way to the top no matter what.

The Eagle is dark like the darkness she says she can see in everyone she meets, no matter how kind they may seem. Tattooed onto the side of her right hand, she got it at 18 in retaliation against all those that criticized her wild behavior.
Tattooed vertically against her right thigh with the Japanese kanji characters for "love" and "misery" tattooed next to them in pink. She got it at 21 a few days after she and Zephyr reconciled--and the two got each others' favorite lyrics tattooed on one another.
But he has a gigantic panther tattooed on his right arm and, in a recent interview with Huffington Post, he revealed that it doesn't actually mean anything.
Start by learning the basic concepts of drawing and improve your drawing technic as you go along. She lives and breathes the feel of adrenaline, abosrbing the deep thrum of the bass in her bones like that was what she was made for. She has no intention of settling down with someone--anyone--regardless of her age or phase. When she was a little girl, she wanted a pet bunny with white fur and blue eyes but she never got one. Also gotten around the time she was with Zephyr the first time around because he went to Azkaban and he has an inverted cross on his bicep.
Though he's more than likely seen it, she doesn't talk about to though it has lots of sentimental meaning for her. She has this tattoo as a symbol of the bravery that eagles and people can show while also reflecting the darkness in them--and to an extent, a symbol of why she doesn't trust people as easily.
A symbol of how she views herself to be her own fire and how she doesn't need anyone in spite of the tattoos she has dedicated to other people. These lyrics are from a song that she saw for the first time in concert by one of her favorite bands. Cougars are perceptive creatures and serves themselves first as they are solitary creatures. Even from her years as a Slytherin at Hogwarts, Aless could be seen at every party with a red solo cup in her hand, that coy smirk still on her face as she flitted from boy to boy--and even the occasional girl--as she swapped drinks for heady, stolen kisses.
She had one relationship during her younger years at Hogwarts, but even then, she struggled.

When she saw Zephyr, the first thing she thought of how he was just like that rabbit--pale and blue-eyed.
It shows how much she really does love her brother no matter how much she goads and bugs him and acts like she doesn't care. It is actually a symbol for her best friend and drug-dealer--Teddy Lupin--who always makes her grilled cheese sandwich.
However, the cougar is also seen as the embodiment of the fierce female spirit, working with ferocity and fury. Her stomach, usually flat and toned, had a small bump and it is then that Aless realzies what her worst fear right now is--having a child. On her left ring finger because that is the "marriage" finger but she didn't exactly realize that at the time. She had gotten over her initial fear of commitment--but now her obstacle is bringing another human being into the world.
She's the one who pulls the strings, the one to have down the last drop of whiskey for herself.
Though she's not really into the concept of love, this tattoo is very sentimental and she looks upon it fondly. The scent of mint signifies Alessandra's muted love for someone groomed to near-perfection no matter how unattainable this person may be. There is nothing to it--and there was no way in hell she would break and submit to anyone about it. The idea of having to hold a baby, having to care for one when she can barely take care of herself terrifies her to no end.
She knows there is no "hero" out there to save her, but that doesn't stop her from dreaming of someone that smells clean like mint, from adoring the clean, refreshing scent of the plush green herbs. Her relationship suffered because of it, the younger boy she was with slowly growing more and more distant until it felt like they were nothing more than two people meant to occupy the other's bed.
She found sex to be much more enjoyable than exposing herself--but perhaps that can be tamed, like the earthy aroma of rosemary.

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