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The seed of bhakti – even if drying up from years of neglect – will flourish again in the association of those who really cherish the fortune of seva, Hari-Katha and Hari-Kirtan. Satsang is where the energy of many people, who are like-minded, seeking true spiritual connection, increases people’s faith.
To the degree you are enjoying honor, to that degree it is going to really hurt when there is dishonor. Whenever we know ourselves spiritually, we naturally know others too, we know them in their spiritual essence, and then our relationships are deep, forever, and limitlessly meaningful. Take the precious moments that we have very seriously and invest them in the best possible way.

It is through the love, the compassion of his devotees that krishna manifests in this world to transform our hearts. The one who understands Krishna’s greatness feels the insignificance of his love towards Krishna.
The goal of life is to love God, and in order for us to love God, we have to love each other. The greatest power of those who are learned and realized is the power of love and the power of forgiveness. Radhanath Swami's Spiritual Quotes are Food for the Soul, that guides one to the Supreme Destination.

As long as we have an individual, personal, egoistic desire to enjoy, there is going to be conflict, and then we cannot wholeheartedly love each other.

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