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Stacy, the owner and primary permanent cosmetics artist, has been in the beauty industry for 22 years; specializing in permanent cosmetics the past 8 years. Because of the additional blood volume in your body due to pregnancy we do not perform permanent cosmetic procedures on pregnant women. Numb the procedure area with a topical anestetic to ensure you are comfortable throughout the process. After finishing your micropigmentation procedure, we will apply a thin layer of after-care product to the procedure area. We will conclude your appointment by discussing aftercare instructions and answering questions. How long is the recovery? There will be some mild swelling and redness for a few days after the procedure. Is the recovery painful? Most people describe some tenderness the first few days after a permanent cosmetic procedure.
The amount of permanency varies from each individual, and is also depends on the experience and skill of the micropigmentation technician. Medications and food that cause water retention in your body or thin your blood (alcohol, aspirin, ibuprofen(advil), tylenol, Coumadin, etc.) can create problems with pigment retention in some cases, and can make the anesthetic less effective. A thicker defined eyeliner could be applied by Deanna with the same technique as a€?normala€? eyeliner which will enhance your eyes and create a more dramatic look. Permanent eyeliner uses an organic material that will be placed under your skin to create the look of makeup, not a tattoo. Deanna uses numbing cream prior to your treatment which virtually eliminates all pain and discomfort. In Deanna's hands, your thick permanent eyeliner will look very natural and much more youthful. Women have always been seeking for perfection and it seems that this need for perfection has led to the development of permanent makeup.
Our team of experienced permanent cosmetic artists are well trained and certified in Softap Permanent Cosmetics; the preferred method of precision micropigmentation by celebrities and models world wide. Our treatment rooms are thoroughly cleaned, including the removal of any and all materials from previous treatments.
We use brand new, sealed, single use needles for each and every micro pigmentation procedure.  We will show you your sealed tools and open them in front of you prior to your procedure for your reassurance. The pigment is implanted into the dermis layer of your skin and does not enter your blood stream.
Immediately after your permanent cosmetics procedure mild swelling and tenderness is to be expected.

Because swelling is minimal clients are able to safely drive themselves home or back to work after their appointment. Although most of our customers waive a patch test,  allergy testing can be done prior to your appointment for $25, please let us know when booking your appointment if you’d like a patch test.
There is almost no risk of error with this type of procedure.  In rare cases a client might get a post procedure sty in the tissue close to the eye, which will generally go away after a few days with the use of a warm compress. We are often asked to correct permanent cosmetic procedures done at other practices that use a machine pigmentation method which is less precise and often causes more pain and scaring. After-care ointment is used to sooth and to protect your new permanent cosmetic site while it is healing at home.
Touch ups can be performed at a special price for returning customers no sooner than three months and  up to one year after your original procedure.? You’ll be given a certificate for a $60 touch up along with your after care supplies before leaving your appointment. Typically we advice our clients to plan for a three to five day recovery period where no make up or contact lenses are worn (for eyeliner). We ask that you bring your 5 favorite photos from magazines or online resources to discuss at your appointment.
Until the procedure heals some of the oxidized pigment is sitting on top of the surface of your skin.
We recommend a thin layer of Neosporine as a healing ointment for three to five days post procedure; it prevents infection and moisturizes your skin.
To reduce swelling after the procedure, please use cold compresses on the eyes as often as possible. Permanent Cosmetics do not interfere with the medical imaging outside of the possibility of a slight tingling sensation. Deanna uses the Nouveau ContourA® Intelligent mechanism that produces the most effective pigment delivery. If you're thinking about accentuating your features using this method, take a peek at the pros and cons of permanent makeup and find out if this technique is for you! All of our implements are single use tools, so they are disposed of after each use making it impossible for any contamination.
Please keep in mind that pigments look dark for the first 5-7 days but always heals lighter. Swelling is often more obvious in the morning after waking up, and disipates throughout the day.
We pride ourselves on precision and the safety of our customers and have had no eye injury in our practice. Although many of our clients return to work directly after having a procedure there is some mild swelling and redness to be expected.

Eyeliner often feels like you’ve had a good cry with some puffiness and tenderness when blinking for the first 24-48 hours.
Some of our clients who rarely expose their skin to the sun find it completely unnecessary to ever have a touch up.
Keep in mind that the pigment is imbedded under layers of skin; the skin acting as a sheer veil over the implanted pigment. This helps ensure that you and your permanent cosmetics artist are on the same page.  We will do our absolute best to incorporate your desired look with your facial features, eyebrow bone structure and skin condition. If your brows or eyeliner look too dark at first, don’t panic; it’s completely normal!  After the procedure area has completely healed, you will see the true, softer color, that is imbedded under the skin surface. Your safety comes first, please consult with your physician if you have any medical concerns prior to your permanent cosmetic procedure. Dip cotton rounds into ice water, squeeze to eliminate excess water, and apply to procedure area.
You will experience some tenderness in the procedure area for a few days following your appointment. With your approval, we will figure out the best shape for your face before we begin your procedure.? ?Please note that extra dark thick lines may require multiple appointments.
If you are allergic to Neosporine, you can use Vaseline (petroleum jelly).? It’s important to use a new container to ensure you’re not applying a contaminated ointment to your procedure area. Apply Vaseline (petroleum jelly) ointment in a thin layer to protect and promote healing of the area once in the morning and again at night before bed. When washing your face, please avoid rubbing on the eyeliner area; gently wash and rinse around the area.
If a piece of scab is ready to come off you can gently help it along with a soft cotton swap.
Picking at your procedure area can cause bleeding, scarring and color loss.?After 5 to 7 days, the peeling stage should be completed. Treat your procedure area as an open wound, taking care to avoid touching, or exposure to dust, dirt, and bacteria.

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