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Henna hair color for men and women is a great alternative as a natural dyeing product compared to the chemical dyes. The Jewish community in Central Asia is very ancient: by the middle of the first millenium BCE there was already a substantial settlement of Jews in the Persian Empire. Aside from the general use of henna, women would also apply henna before holidays and celebrations as a sign of joy and beauty.
Several communities, speaking a variety of Judeo-Persian languages, were established in what is today Iran and Afghanistan; others spread to the north into Bukhara (today Uzbekistan and Tajikistan) and to the west into the Caucasus (Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan). While in former years elaborately patterned henna was popular, by the early 20th century many Jewish brides (especially those in large cities like Herat, Kabul, Tehran, or Isfahan) preferred just to have their palms hennaed solidly or even just one finger.The henna ceremony generally took place in the evening of the day before the wedding.

The guests sang and danced, food was served, and the festivities often lasted well past midnight.
After the bride was hennaed on her hands and feet, the plate was passed around on a tray and the guests hennaed their fingertips. The groom had his hair cut and his beard trimmed, while the bride had her eyebrows threaded and any body hair depilated. Among Persian Jews, the henna was applied by women of the community, rather than professional artists. The henna was seen as protecting the bride and groom as well as contributing to their beauty.
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When the bride dyes her hands, many women and girls sit around her and two loaves of bread are placed on her head and in them are placed two burning candles.
When the colour has set, the bread and candles are taken off her head, and the women sing and dance before the bride and entertain her".
1971 Minhagei erusin venissu’in beHerat Afganistan [Rituals of betrothal and marriage in Herat, Afghanistan].

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