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Here at HecklerSpray we take our celebrity gossip very seriously and pride ourselves on honest and upstanding journalism (if you’re not nothing my sarcasm you should probably leave now). We’ve gotten so used to this new Kylie Jenner, that perhaps we’ve forgotten about the real Kylie. You’ve probably noticed that the Kylie in that picture doesn’t look a damn thing like the Kylie in the first picture.
Still a very cute and pretty girl, but clearly she’d figure out how to do her hair and make-up in ways that really flattered her. Less than a year ago, “Kylie” revealed the very obvious fact that she got lip injections, which seemed to explain her drastic changing look to most people. By now, you’re probably thinking to yourselves: Did this bitch really spend her entire Good Friday morning Googling before and after pictures of Kylie Jenner?
After examining those pictures closely, it seems pretty obvious that there is far more to Kylie Jenner’s transformation than mere lip injections and fancy make-up tricks.
However, maybe you’re of the belief that Kylie really did just get her lips done and hired a really solid glam team and that’s all there is to it. Don’t get me wrong, there is a bit of a resemblance there, so you did a good job with casting, but if you expect me to believe that the person you’re passing off as Kylie Jenner is the original Kylie Jenner then you are CRAZY. They didn’t think she was developing hot enough, so they put her in hiding and replaced her with new, “sexy” Kylie, which may or may not be what they’ve also done to Khloe this past year. She got knocked up with Jaden Smith’s weird alien baby and they put her into hiding and replaced her with new, “sexy” Kylie. The real Kylie Jenner was also transgendered, like Caitlin, but didn’t want to have the media spectacle around his transition.
The real Kylie Jenner died of a drug overdose, but Kris Jenner was not about to take the heat for that shit, so they replaced her with—wait for it—new, “sexy” Kylie Jenner. 5 Best Apps For Creating The Ultimate Selfies5 awesome photo editing apps for the best selfies ever!
Whether you're all about snapping selfies or documenting your girls' night, up your Insta game with these ah-mazing photo editing apps.

The app also has a slimming feature, as well as an option that allows you to reshape your brows, add lashes and liner to your eyes and change your eye colour.
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The a€?Keeping Up with the Kardashiansa€? star graced the cover of Paper magazinea€™s April YOUth issue a€” but at first glance it doesna€™t really look like her.
The 18-year-old donned a bright pink retro plastic wig, but thata€™s not all that looks different.
The April issue will focus on a€?fashion and entertainment leaders,a€? according to the maga€™s website.
Our moms always told us not to play with our food, but we’re glad our Insta-crush this week decided not to listen. I, personally, have been avidly following Kylie Jenner through this blog for almost three years, and while I’ve mentioned the mystery surrounding her in the past, I really feel like it’s time I dove full on into an investigative report. True, people grow and change over the years, but please note that these pictures were taken a mere four years apart.
She also clearly discovered filters and editing apps, but she still looked her age and still looked like Kylie Jenner.
However, if the Kardashian and Jenner family thought they could trick me with that “lip injections” shit they were sadly mistaken!
While most people chalk it up to her lip injections and an insane amount of makeup contouring, a few side by side pictures point out that this new “Kylie Jenner” carries very few similarities of the real Kylie.
So let me get this straight, KRIS JENNER, you expect me to believe that THAT person is Kylie Jenner? Though I have no evidence to support any of these claims, I promise you I will get to the bottom of this troubling mystery. Aviary does the typical image enhancements like adjusting lighting, whitening teeth, and removing color—but it also has a Meme generator, so you can turn any pic into a meme, plus, tons of awesome stickers and frames! You know how Kylie’s face always glows in her makeup selfies, and her eyes look bigger, and her skin looks flawless to the max?

With fine strokes of ink, fresh fruit and vegetables, and other edibles, Gretchen Roehrs has created a series of fashion illustrations you’re bound to fall in love with.
I’m classically trained in fashion design techniques but found my way into the tech world, so I stay connected to fashion by capturing what inspires me. Originally I used it for editing my photos, and then my friends slowly started to sign up for the app. I try not to make people think I have a perfect life – I just want to make everyone smile with funny doodles. Yes, that’s right, I am doing a full on investigation into the disappearance of the REAL Kylie Jenner and her replacement with whoever the fuck that person in the above picture is. Because, like I said, at this blog we are committed to upstanding journalism and bringing you the TRUTH.
That girl who has an entirely different bone structure from the REAL Kylie from her forehead right down to her hips?
You can’t just replace a main character with someone who kind of looks like them and expect no one to notice.
Or at least, I’ll think about it for another 20 minutes and then get bored and do something else. Take a makeup-free selfie now, and in a few taps you’ll have full makeup, contouring included. A Valentine's Day sticker & frame collection from Endless Love, which basically means you can add an actual image of super-hot Alex Pettyfer to your pic.
We used it to add him to our snap of Colton Haynes and Harry for the ultimate hotness trio!

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