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Having someone edit your work, though sometimes a tough pill to swallow (ask any journo), is also a sobering experience. You should first know the basics: capturing video, uploading music, placing clips on the Timeline and understanding Timeline layering. Pinnacle has kept its workspace simple and easy to use, and consistent with most upgrade versions. Double-clicking a clip or any one of the layers in the Timeline brings up the properties tool menu. Picture in Picture allows you to stack two pieces of video on top of one another on the video and overlay layers. You can also make video clips rotate, move in and out or on and off the screen using keyframes.
Another great feature is the DVD Menu option, which allows you to edit the titles and graphics as well as adding a video image inside each chapter thumbnail. Pinnacle Studio 11 is a Windows-based video-editing program that is used to directly capture video from a connected video camera. As a fashion blogger, I take photos of my outfits and then share them on social media on a regular (if not daily) basis. I used to come back from a photo session and find I’d forgotten to showcase a full body look or a details shot.
If you are able, take photos with your DSLR, and when reviewing them on the photo editor, edit the brightness, contrast, and sharpness. Unless you have hours to spend setting up your shot, you’ll likely get some crooked photos and bad crops in your straight out of the camera shots. For the photos above, I used the BeFunky Chromatic 4 and 5 filters and lowered their intensity just a bit. I see a lot more richness to the blacks, brightness to the whites, and tones in my hair in the edited images. How To Retouch Photos With The Reshape ToolShrink, Grow and Smudge your images to create fun photo effects!

How To Retouch Photos With The Wrinkle ToolLearn how to erase wrinkles and dark spots in a few simple steps. Blur Images In Three Easy StepsCreate depth of field, tilt-shift effects & surreal beauty. How To Glow Using The Perfect Skin ToolGet a beautiful, radiant complexion in your photos in seconds. Never underestimate the importance of correct grammar and spelling -- it makes a piece polished, professional and readable. Long a leader in effects technology, Pinnacle Systems continues to improve on its simple yet powerful design. Video editing is a learning process that builds on practice, so once the steps of making a simple project with video, music and titles are second nature, you can then go on to explore Studio's excellent special effects, music and sound effects samples and professional features. The tabs in the upper left corner--Capture, Edit, Make Movie (Export)--clearly show you each step in the editing process. This feature gives you many options such as freezing a frame of video, rotating the clip, changing the speed, creating two pieces of video in a single frame (called picture in picture), recording a voice track, adding audio effects and many more features similar to professional video editing software. Double-click one of the clips in the Timeline, select the picture in picture icon and then crop or scale your video. Click the effects button (last icon on left tool bar), which will bring up the Picture in Picture you've already applied and allows you to add more effects, such as rotate.
When I first started writing my blog, I struggled to learn the ropes of flattering and effective outfit photos.
Years of practice have definitely honed my posing, photography, and editing skills and there’s definitely a formula to it! I always like this triple threat as it accents the clothing and detail shots and makes your photos look more professional. Nothing looks worse than a crooked horizon or photo where your chin is cropped out! In the before photo above, the lines in the garage door behind me throw off the entire shot.

The naked eye can see many more shines, sparkles and contrasts than the camera and an uploaded image can.
Getting the most out of any video-editing software requires practice and patience, so here are a few tricks to make your movie look like it was edited by the pros.
Move video from the file bin to the Timeline and shorten or lengthen the clip by left clicking and dragging to change the duration. Clicking the video clip in the overlay layer below it allows you to adjust that second clip and put it in a different location on the screen.
Double-click your video clip, click the "grab a frame" button in Properties Tools, move your video to the freeze point and click grab. Play the video by pressing the space bar or clicking the play button in the monitor window. When the properties window opens select "create or edit a disc menu." You can set the thumbnails, create motion thumbnails, edit the menu graphics and control the DVD chapter settings.
The tool bar on the left side shows you how to add Transitions, Themes, Titles, Photos, Menus, Sound Effects and Music.
The left side of the Timeline indicates the layers and where to put video, audio, titles, sound effects and music. Click rotate and change the Size and Rotation sliders and you will see the video clip rotate in the video monitor. You can use two keyframes (the beginning of the move and the end of the move) or many keyframes to change several different parameters along the duration of the clip.

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