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Having someone edit your work, though sometimes a tough pill to swallow (ask any journo), is also a sobering experience. A while back a gave a list of tips for authors who wanted to edit their own work before sending it out to an editor. This one is time consuming, but can potentially be the most valuable tool for editing your own work.
If this seems like too much work (and frankly, it’s a lot of work), then at least read your dialogue aloud.
In either event, if you’re ever going to consider audio books, someone is going to have to read them. Any time you make mention of a fact, there is the chance that you contradicted something you said earlier.
If you’ve gone a little highfalutin in your language, you should be careful that you are using the words correctly. People will only know you had to look up a word to be sure what it means if you didn’t do it. Why are you going to pay someone to edit excess bits of story that don’t need to be there? You may find, depending on your style, that you can save a significant amount on your editing by catching these thingsĀ before an editor has to hit your over the head with them. Carl Ramsey gets a comm from an old squadron mate with a lead on the salvage of a lifetime: a lost, highly classified, ARGO battleship.

After you complete the last page of your dissertation, open champagne, and do your victory dance, it’s still too early to bind your masterpiece. One of the most common stumbling blocks in dissertation writing is the troublesome pairs of easily confused words. Economic is everything that is somehow connected with economy, whereas economical is something that is not wasteful. Historic characterizes historically significant objects or phenomena, whereas historical can denote anything that is somehow related to history. So, avoid the common pitfalls, make your dissertation perfect, and, finally, do your victory dance! Never underestimate the importance of correct grammar and spelling -- it makes a piece polished, professional and readable. Well, here are 5 more tips for those of you who want to make your best effort at fixing your own manuscripts before pawning the work off on someone else.
By reading aloud, you’re going to force yourself to look at every word and hear how they go together. Narration and dialogue have different sounds to them, and you want to make sure that your characters sound like people and not passages of narration.
Even words you may have adopted into your normal speech may carry connotations or subtleties that you might not always worry about, but which should be used correctly in a published work. Ask your instructor as to this important aspect, because different institutions have different requirements.

Use this contracted form of the word and (&) only in the reference list and brackets after a parenthetical quotation. You’ll catch awkward phrasing, missing words, or sentences that just come across as odd. The more audacious you are with your language, the more perspicacious you need to be in looking up proper usage. On the downside, you don’t want to get so caught up in it that you breeze along, missing things in the process. If they are key to the plot, you could lost readers that might otherwise move on with you to subsequent works. Your editor can identify that sort of thing for you (depending on the type of editing you’re getting). If you have to go back and re-read a paragraph here or there because you lost your place, all the better. The important thing is to make sure every word gets looked at, checked, and to the best of your ability, verified for spelling, grammatical correctness, and conveying the meaning you meant to convey.

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