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Content ratings help you understand the type of content you might find in an app or game, so you can decide if they are suitable for you and your family. If an app or game does not have a rating, it means that it has not yet been rated, or it’s been rated and we’re working to update the page.
Polarr Photo Editor is a relatively new offering in the Windows 10 Store that offers you a feast of pro-style features in an easy to use package.
Overall, Polarr is an attractive photo editor for those looking for a lightweight, feature rich app. When you first launch Polarr, the app will walk you through a brief tutorial that highlights the layout of the editor. The image you are editing fills the center of the screen and a photo bin lines the bottom of the editor with thumbnails of your most recently edited images. The effects filter menu will drop down the left side of the screen and includes over fifty preset effects filters.
The information at the top center covers includes the image size, the file size, lens focal length, exposure settings and more. The adjustments menu will drop down the right side of the screen and will have a Histogram at the very top of the menu. Light: This adjustment category has a broad range of controls that include exposure, brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks and a diffuse and dehaze tool. Optics: Tools include adding vignette to your images, adjust the grain of the image and add or compensate for any distortion or fringing.
HSL: Here you can adjust the Hue, Saturation and Luminance for individual colors within the image.
Curves: Edit the color curves for RGB collectively or the Red, Green or Blue tones individually. Your adjustment options will run down the right side of the image while your filter selection will drop down the left side of the image. Adjustments do have a live preview feature in that as you tinker with the image’s attributes, it is reflected in the photograph. The only other performance issue I experienced with Polarr was with saving an edited image. In using Polarr over the past few days, it comes across as a solid photo editor from the Windows 10 Store. Polarr and Fhotoroom are very similar with respects to the amount of editing tools, but I think Fhotoroom has more creative tools such as the HDR converter and Tiny Planets integration. While I still prefer Photoshop Elements for my heavy lifting, I can see Polarr being an attractive mobile editor for tablets where storage space is at a premium. The Eclipse Foundation is presenting Helios In Action - a virtual conference where you can interact with project leads involved in the release and see demos of the new features.
With this said, I recently decided that the PsychoPath XPath processor needed to migrate off of the Athena Common build script that it had been using to a Maven based build. Join Java and Eclipse expert Phil Quitslund as he presents best practices for creating effective, consistent, and robust user interface tests. Integrating BIRT with Spring in a Web applicationand Eclipse BIRT in Spring web applicationsare a couple of examples.There is not much information on how to include Spring Beans within a report design.
Last week we held our first EclipseLink Summit here in Ottawa with attendees from Canada, Germany, India, and the US. We just need 189 more people to join by the end of July to hit our goal of 360 Friends of Helios.  If you haven’t already joined please consider joining today.
Side note: Last August after the disaster with bugfix propagation between different branches in the FindBugs project I've started to looking for a replacement for the SVN (which was the evil system).
There are no groundbreaking changes - mostly some code polishing and few small enhancements, as most of my plugins are mature enough.
At this year's Eclipse Summit Europe there was a very nice Xtext-related talk given by Sebastian Benz who is working at BMW Car IT.The talk was about how they used Xtext in order to develop a textual syntax and corresponding IDE for the AUTOSAR standard.
You won't find any shortage of photo editors in the Windows 10 Store, with KVADPhoto+ Pro as one of the more recent offerings (or at least new to us).
The photography app also includes a feature-rich collage creator that has over 50 adjustable templates to combine your photographs with.
Your opening menu for KVADPhoto+ Pro opens up with options to open an image to edit, launch your device camera to capture a new image to edit and start the collage creator. There is a menu button in the upper left corner of the screen where you can share the app, tap and send or access the app's settings.
While the collage creator is a nice feature, the heart and soul of KVADPhoto+ Pro is with the editor. Action Set: KVADPhoto+ Pro will allow you to create action sets based on your edits to allow for one-touch editing.
Sketch: Eleven effects filters that transform your photographic images into sketch drawings.
Decorations: This is a group of four tools to decorate your images, including text, stickers, paint and color splash. Magic Tools: This editing tool set includes automatic adjustments for levels, a lens boost tool and a tilt-shift tool. Transform: This is where you will find tools to rotate, change your image orientation, crop and resize your image. Adjustments: This is where you will find the more elementary editing tools that include adjustments for brightness, contrast, saturation, color, temperature, hue, blur and sharpness. Edits are easily done with a thumbnail of your image appearing on the screen with an adjustment bar to regulate the editing change. You can back out of an edit without applying the changes and your editing history is accessible from the lower right corner of the editing screen. I have to commend the developers for offering a photo editor that keeps the image as the centerpiece and avoids cluttering up the screen with editing tools and menus. KVADPhoto+ Pro does support JPEG, PNG, TIFF and BMP image files for opening and saving images.
The editing tools are simple and straightforward with plenty of editing options to fine-tune or transform your images.
The only two items that jump off the screen as being missing with KVADPhoto+ Pro is the lack of support for RAW images and an HDR conversion tool.
Compared to other Windows 10 Photo Editors, KVADPhoto+ Pro isn't as feature rich as Fhotoroom, but a few steps ahead of Fotor and several steps ahead of Adobe Photoshop Express.
The Lumia 1520 is no small phone, and luckily you don’t have to make it much bigger to keep it protected. ICYMI is our round-up of Windows, Microsoft, Windows Central, and other news from the past week.
It does not indicate that the app was specifically designed for that particular age, or if a certain level of skill is required to play the game or use the app. I can see it appealing to those looking for a mobile editor for the Windows 10 tablet or for those who want to dabble more with photo editing, but aren’t ready to invest in the more expensive options.

You also have a hamburger button that provides you access to the About Screen, an option to change the language and an option to become notified of app updates. You can import images to the editor from your local drive or cloud services such as OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. Keep in mind that this information is pulled from the image’s EXIF file and will vary depending on the amount of information your camera records to this file.
There’s no application button to push or save adjustment tile to have adjustments applied. It took a little time to get used to the layout and remembering where individual tools were located, but you will have this type of learning curve with just about every editor. The editor offers pro-styled tools that covers a lot of ground when you need to polish up your images. You also have design differences between Polarr, Fhotoroom and Photoshop Express, but that may be more of a personal preference than something you can objectively compare.
Polarr Photo Editor is easily one of the top four or five photo editors in the Windows 10 Store for those looking for pro-styled features.
The two screenshots show the results when dynamically switching between the dark and the bright theme.
At the end of the event, we’ll have some frosty beverages and snacks ready for some great discussions! The annual simultaneous release has now grown to 39 projects with over 33 million lines of code, contributed by committers around the world. Apple takes care of billing, taxes, and other administrative tasks, and in return takes a 30% cut of all sales.
Sven and me will give a free one hour live seminar on Xtext introducing the framework and demonstrating its new fancy features in Helios.
Although I do enjoy a good Guiness I am also looking forward to the conference and the topics I am covering this week as well as the hours of travel to catch up on some pre-release tasks. The first half was about technical details and tips behind Android game development, but the second half was just about good game development for mobile platforms. The user interface (UI) of an application is your front-line connection with the customer—if it doesn’t look good and work effectively the first time, your company reputation is at stake. Since we launched the campaign 171 people have joined as a Friend of Eclipse.   Thank you, thank you, thank you! BTW, 5 of the plugins are hosted now on Eclipse Labs and using Mercurial as version control system behind. I quickly became the committer rights in the MercurialEclipse plugin - and now few months later I've managed all of my project updates in a full featured IDE without the command line.
The name of the project is ARText and it is freely available to all AUTOSAR members as part of the Artop project.One of the biggest challenges when implementing the AUTOSAR standard is to create scalable solutions. This editor hopes to catch your eye with over 150 creative filters, an easy-to-use interface and support for multiple image file formats. The editor is not available for Windows 10 Mobile, but if you are still searching for a photo editing app for your PC or tablet, KVADPhoto+ Pro is worth checking out. You will also find sample photos displayed on KVADPhoto's main menu and as you begin to edit photographs, a recently edited panel will appear to highlight these images. Once you have selected an image to edit, the app transitions to the editor where you will find editing tools lining the bottom of the screen, file management options running across the top and your image taking up the center of the screen.
These filters include series of grayscale filters, high-contrast filters, warm tones, cold tones and more. The app also includes themed frame packs (romantic, holidays, wood, etc.) that are available through in-app purchase.
The core group of effects includes twenty filters with several add-on packs of effects filters available through in-app purchase. Color splash converts your image to grayscale and you can selectively return portions of the image to the original color. The lens boost tool is basically a circular tilt shift option while the tilt-shift tool addresses things in a linear fashion. Your image is reduced in size, the effect or filter applied and adjustment tools will appear below the image to allow you to fine-tune the filter or effect's application. You can back up to any point in your editing history or tap the Original Button at the bottom of the editor to remove all edits from your image.
The design offers a clean appearance and a pro-style feel that you would find with the professional-grade editors (and professional-priced) photo editors. You also have the ability to choose the destination folder for your saved images and in the settings set the quality of your saved image (low, normal, high) and DPI of your image (72, 300 or original). The user-interface has a pro-style feel and a set of editing tool sets that will appeal to a broad range of photographers from the casual shutterbug to the "never leave your camera at home" crowd.
Overall it is a quality photo editor that makes the choice of choosing just one all the more challenging. If you need to try things out, there is a free, non-pro version of KVADPhoto+ that is a tad scaled back, but will try things out before making the investment. With regards to the design of the editor, you have a series of control buttons in the upper left corner, your image details in the top center, and another string of controls in the top right corner.
This will pull up options to close out all the images, close just that single image or save the image.
You lack any adjustments that can be made as you open a RAW file, like you would see with Photoshop, but the automatic settings work well.
You will also have the ability to rotate the image and flip the image from the cropping tool menu. You can pull down the editing history and revert back to a particular editing point or you can use the undo button to remove the last edit. The collection of tools can really ad some flair to your images or just polish them up a little. It felt as if the editor needed a second to catch its breath and then catch up with your workflow. I like not having to confirm every adjustment I make to the photo and support for RAW files is very useful.
Photoshop Express is an attractive, lightweight editor, but lacks the horsepower Polarr offers with its tool set.
The app is currently running $14.99 with a thirty-day, fully functional trial version that will let you put Polarr through the ringer before buying. The rest goes directly to developers.For free applications, developers can make money by showing advertisements instead of on the sale of the app.
I don’t follow the software methodology space that closely but I was surprised by the fact that 1) 25% of the respondents don’t use a methodology and 2) the most popular, Scrum, has only 15% adoption.  The rest of the respondents identified over 18 different methodologies that they use for a development methodology. In the survey, we asked a question about the corporate policies towards open source participation.
AUTOSAR projects might become very, very big and in order to work with such huge projects the tools need to perform very well.

I would have liked to have seen a larger live preview of the adjustments on the full-size image than using the smaller thumbnail window.
Even though the picture is reduced to make room for the filter selection, it is large enough to get a feel for the impact of the filter.
It's not the full Adobe Photoshop, mind you, but most people don't even need 99% of what Photoshop can do. The developer does not that RAW support is experimental and we hope this feature sticks around.
If you want to resize an image or add a watermark to the image, you will need to choose the Export Image option. I did not notice an editor wizard for automatic adjustments, so Polarr may not appeal to the casual photographer who doesn’t care to do much editing of their photographs.
It likely boils down to personal preference and I can see a place for both of these apps on my Surface 3. In 2009 48% claimed they could contribute back to OSS but in 2010 only 35.4% claim they could contribute back. Even after 13 years of helping customers use TopLink and now EclipseLink I still find diagnosing, solving, and innovating in these areas some of the most interesting work I take part in. Pretty much every mobile platform vendor is creating some sort of one stop shopping experience for their devices and it's a great vehicle for app developers to quickly get their wares into the hands of paying customers. Xtext itself provides a concise language to describe DSLs, so that it takes only minutes to create a first draft of your language.
It works, but sometimes I found it difficult to see the full effect of the changes in the smaller image.
Here you can set the pixel dimensions of the image as well as the quality of the compression.
It has a stainless steel outer cover that doubles as the antenna for Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, UMTS, and GSM. Helping customers learn what they need to know about their models and application use cases and translating them into their object-relational mappings, schema, and usage of their persistence layer is challenging and often poorly understand by Java developers.The persistence layer enables performance and scalability but there are many simple decisions developers can make while configuring and coding to their persistence layer which are made early in projects and have big effects late in projects when trying to reach their performance and scalability goals. And with systems like Valve's Steam, you also get this great experience on your desktops and laptops.The biggest advantage of markets, as Chris illustrated, is that it's also a great way to keep in touch with your customers. You don't have to deal with complex meta programming or multiple syntax alternatives as you do in internal DSL development.
We know it was tough to squeeze this additional work into your hectic pre-Helios schedules. Polarr also has support for batch exports to let you re-size and save multiple images at once.
There’s a camera and LED flash on the back, and two microphones for noise cancellation (like the Nexus One). If you're based in Germany's Ruhr area, you might want to visit the Eclipse Demo Camp in Dortmund. Customers tend to be brutally honest about what you've provided them, and it's good to get first hand looks at that feedback.
The feedback from all attendees was excellent.On the 3rd day of the Summit we focused more on the project itself. However, the folks at BMW Car IT wanted to develop AUTOSAR projects in a traditional text-based manner and given all the good experiences with tools like JDT or IntelliJ, it's clear that text-based IDEs can scale very well.In order to implement the language they first had tried the old Xtext version from oAW, which was way too slow. Apple has a good head start on Android, but Android is catching up fast.Most analysts feel it is inevitable that Android will surpass Android in the next couple of years given the dozens of partners producing the devices, all trying to compete with each other and with Apple in terms of price and features. It has grown up from a tiny little editor generator to a mature language development framework. Starting with a talk from Jeff McAffer (EclipseSource) on OSGi and Eclipse RT technologies. Then, later, when the new TMF Xtext came around they gave it another try and saw that the performance had been improved significantly. But even for non-Xtext enthusiasts there will be nice demos, e.g on SAP's new graphical modeling framework "Graphiti", on developing Android apps with Eclipse and a lot more intriguing topics. Sebastian showed the following slide in his talk:After that he explained how they have solved a couple of other problems, such as supporting different releases of the standard or making the language extendable.
According to Jobs, 300dpi is about the limit that the human retina can distinguish at 10-12 inches away from the eye, so he’s calling this the “retina display”. And even better it seems that they've had as much fun using Xtext as we had and still have when developing (and using) it. Because the aspect ratio is exactly the same as older iPhones, no change is needed from developers and all old apps run unmodified. I'm not talking about syntax coloring for Vim, but something close to what modern Java IDEs offer. Along with a bigger battery, the chip provides up to 7 hours talk time, 6 hours 3G browsing, and 300 hours of standby.
We at itemis have already successfully implemented a couple of IDEs for various programming languages. The new device has a real gyroscope in addition to the accelerometer that is standard now in most smart phones. The camera’s megapixels have been increased to 5, plus they’re using a backside illuminated sensor for higher quality. There’s a camera in the front too (more on that later).To go with the new camera, Apple has written a new app called iMovie for iPhone.
It allows you to edit movies with transitions, music, titles, and so forth right on your phone.
Formerly called “iPhone OS 4“, the new operating system has a ton of new features including multitasking, unified inbox, conversation threading, and so forth.
With the new iAd platform, there’s a standardized, supported platform to create in-app ads that don’t bounce the user out into the browser.
Apple sells and hosts the ads, and developers get a 60% cut via iTunes connect (the same way you get paid for your apps).iAds will be enabled July 1st but Apple has been selling spots for 8 weeks. JP Morgan estimated the entire mobile ad market to be worth $250 million this year, so that’s a significant number.Originally Steve said he was going to highlight 8 features, but he couldn’t resist adding “one more thing”…9.
You can set it up so the other person sees you (via the front camera) or what you’re looking at (via the back camera). It uses other standards like H.264, AAC, SIP, STUN, RTP, SRTP, TURN, and ICE.So how much is all this going to cost you?

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