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Its not generally used for normal family portraits as most photographers prefer a more natural look, however, once learned, its easily modified and the effects can be applied to a greater or lesser degree.
Certainly, there is varied opinion as to how far you should take an image, whether to go along the surreal route, incorporating virtual surgery, or leave the image as is and almost untouched. Using Adobe Photoshop you can retouch your own pictures, improving the quality and producing a professional finish.
This tutorial is intended for people who are familiar with Adobe Photoshop basics, including the tools palatte, layers and menus.
Simply go to File > Open and select the image you want to use from the file you have stored it in on your computer.
Continue in this way over the entire image until all marks and unwanted areas have been removed. The time this will take will vary from image to image, depending on the amount of blemish removal that is required.
Next duplicate the layer that you have removed the blemishes on using cntrl J on the keyboard.
Using the brush tool, set at 100% opacity, with a medium size brush and the colour palate set to white as the foreground and black as the background, bring back the blur effect to the skin on the layer mask.
With the brush tool set to 100% opacity, foreground colour set to black and background colour set to white, bring back the original darkness of the iris and pupil in the layers pallatte. Select the burn tool at 4% opacity, darken all relevant parts, ie, around the eyes and nose.
From here you can adjust the contrast and hue saturation to your own required levels and the finished result will give you a highly edited image with a professional looking feel to it. This entry was posted in Photoshop and tagged clear skin, Heal Tool, perfect skin, perfect skin tutorial, Photoshop, porcelain skin, porcelain skin tutorial, silky skin, Skin Editing, skin tutorial, smooth skin, soft skin.

Animated lower-thirds provide a nice touch of professional style and appeal to your videos. The tighter integration of After Effects and Premiere Pro in the 2014 release of Creative Cloud makes editing text in After Effects templates easier than ever before. Read through the detailed Help article and try the step-by-step tutorial with sample files to learn more about the feature.
Learn to import and edit animated text motion graphics created in After Effects within Premiere Pro. The tutorial provides you sample files to try out the Live Text Templates feature for yourself.
If you are a photographer who shoots in RAW, chances are pretty good you already know what Lightroom is. I am not going to get into great details, but I will show some comparisons of what Jared did to the photo in Lightroom, and what I did in Darktable. You will notice that by default, the RAW photo in Darktable does seem to be a bit brighter.
After this, Jared did a minor tweak to the girls face to lighten the shadow on the left side of her face.
Lastly, Jared did some minor tweaks with the exposure and yellow, so I did the same bumping up the exposure a bit and playing around with tint. I found this was difficult to mimic Dom's edit and I don't feel like I did an incredibly good job.
The neat thing about this feature is that you can modify the text without altering the imagery or graphics surrounding the text. Because of this, I have been doing a lot less editing in the Gimp and a lot more editing in Darktable.

If you don't want to watch it, just skip past it and I have some screenshot attached as well. I will go through and briefly write how he did it in Lightroom and how I made similar edits in Darktable. The main difference I can see is that Jared's edit is a bit more yellow and the shadow is reduced a bit on the girl's face. I have had a few people ask me to compare or show some of the differences with Lightroom and Darktable.
As a result (and as a consequence of me using Linux) I do not have the program to do a step by step comparison. This will be a quick overview on some of the differences and similarities between the two programs.
One of the great things of this site is that the owner of the site, Jared, goes through and does tutorials editing RAW photos in Lightroom. In addition to that, he provides the RAW photos so that you can follow along and do your own edit. You can visit his site here if you would like to download the RAW file (you will have to sign up for the forum to download the files though).

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