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Baseball can be a curious sport, particularly to those outside US and Canadian shores, but in its native habitat and certainly in diverse countries such as Venezuela, Japan and South Korea, the sport is steeped in fervent history. This makes it big business for merchandising, especially in a sporting goods market where amateur and professional teams, kids and veterans alike demand the latest apparel. So we start at the top of the first innings, looking back at how this classic baseball matchup made it out of the bullpen and into all of our browsers.  From the beginning, back in July last year, the project would be about reaching baseball fans.
The idea for the site was then evolved from a general desire to build more ‘story’ and attitude into what the eCommerce experience. Of course this implied an organic transition from attention-grabbing video to directing customers to the correct product.
Thanks to the creative pitch there was little chance of the client-agency relations going ‘ping!’ at any point. Similarly, the designers charged with creating the visuals used particular tricks and techniques that would help with keeping file weights down and streamlining bandwidth demands. Moving back to video, the front-end team devised a scaling solution to deal with the variety of displays being targeted. This foresight would become critical once the website went live, with the experience being launched via a new marketing domain. Reassuringly, traffic figures would point to 50 per cent of all visits coming via mobile with 85 per cent of social network referrals emanating from portable platforms.
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Hall of fame stars of North America’s Major League Baseball (MLB) such as ‘Babe’ Ruth and Joe Dimaggio are world-famous names whether you follow the game or not.

In turn, these customers most likely pass through leading US sports retailer Dick’s Sporting Goods, operating out of 558 stores across 48 states. A major concern for Dick’s Sporting Goods as a brand is always providing authentic, focused content to the widest audience.
It would become about telling a ‘product story’ where a balance could be struck between elevating Dick’s Sporting Goods as a digital brand and celebrating the visceral aspects of baseball. In initial brainstorming phases the concept of showing ‘gear in motion’ was most prominent, adding an inspirational dimension to selling. Viget invests a considerable amount of time in client consultation, discussing strategy, analysing technical constraints and reviewing creative execution in detail. In frontend UX terms the biggest challenges would emerge from building a fullscreen video experience that remained flexible enough for multiple screens. Couple this with an incredible 129k minutes of active screen time over the first few months and it’s no wonder all involved feel like as web projects go, they’ve smashed it out of the park.
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With a strong eCommerce presence also, DSG wanted to launch a “shop-able and shareable look-book” online to showcase new baseball products for the 2014 season.
This would make responsiveness paramount, appealing effectively to users across a broad range of devices, from a 3.5-inch phone screen to a 42-inch in-store touchscreen display.
The content would then succeed in placing the featured products within a natural, compelling environment. Each project starts from a briefing session to establish business objectives, brand considerations and, crucially, what the budget range may be.

Quite aside from various technical hardware issues, the production teams had to be highly pragmatic about where the action in each video would show. As part of broader campaigns for the new baseball season, the website also enjoyed paid media support encompassing email, print and social media. Take to the field Viget, a 65-person digital team based in Falls Church, Virginia specialising in software development, website design and building unique digital experiences. As interactive video became a desired route for conveying sporting drama, the challenge for delivering a robust and consistent experience on a variety of platforms required clear thinking. Research around audience and how rival brands are navigating the market space then follow before syncing up with media teams to see exactly how the experience will be supported. Practical aspects of how scenes were shot, angles and blocking became incredibly important points for keeping the focus down the centre of every display: “We knew going into this that a user would see more or less of the periphery of the video, depending on their screen size and orientation, and we kept that consideration in the forefront as we designed,” Shifflett explains. Functionality on mobile was another challenge; mobile phones can only play video in the device’s native player application, which meant that our video would play outside of the browser, preventing the display of interactive hotspots.
Read More+ 5 Web conferences you need to attend – May 2016 Get yourself a seat at the biggest and best conferences coming your way this month! From there it was a matter of balancing the visual story between brand and product – motivation and conversion. Since the responsive nature of the site called for the experience to span from mobile, to desktop, to in-store display, we focused a lot of effort on creating one set of interactions that would work across all views, instead of tackling them individually.

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