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I am of the opinion that anything created out of the inspiration within is in a way to be considered art. Have a look at these 10 amazing tattoos that are all as close to photo realistic as a tattoo can come with today’s technology. Some will most likely disagree with me, but in order to develop your skills in the area where you express your creativity, you need to consider it art. I am sure that in the coming decade, we will see huge innovations in how tattoos are created.

There are so many weird things out there that have to do with art on and under the skin that this seems entirely plausible.
We have already seen titan orbs being put underneath the skin in order to create beveled skin art. Soon we will be able to have a photo realistic copy of just about anything anywhere on our skin. Sure, it might take some time to get it there, but once its there, it will be your halo of inspiration for the rest of your life.

These tattoos are all done by talented tattoo artist Den Yakovlev and are a marvel that everyone should breathe in.

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