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Tagged: how to cover a tattoo with makeup, tattoo artist, Tattoo concealer, Tattoo cosmetics, Tattoo coverup. Well after many trials and formulas we have finally come up with a cosmetic tattoo coverup. I have put it through some grueling tests and with many failures, Finally there is something I can be proud of.
To schedule an appointment with me to get tattooed at Fast Lane in Tucson visit the contact page to start the process! I look forward to out doing myself this year and believe Tucson has the best tattoo clients that any tattoo shop or tattoo artist could ask for! Posted in: best tucson tattoos, custom tattoos, Fast Lane Tattoo, Traditional Tattoos, Tucson Tattoo Artist. Been really busy with some large scale tattoos lately as well as my usual single sitting tattoos. Ive got to do a few really fun traditional pieces over the summer and cant wait to do more.

I have personally been working on finding the right system for covering a tattoo for work, for  performing or for whatever you may need to conceal your tattoo for. For those that have been asking I have finally decided to have a contest… Please follow me on Intstagram, and Repost the pic with #davidmeektattoos to enter.
Just reblog this image with the hashtag #davidmeektattoos for a chance to win an original 4″ x 6″ painting of your choice! It may seem wierd that a tattoo artist would promote covering tattoos but the reason is simple. Ill pick the winner(or winners hehe) on May 1st 2015… Good luck and thanks for checking!
I am lucky enough to have my own piece of Jerry’s history with a handcut acetate stencil I received from Shanghai Kate. I am now accepting appointments through my website with with paypal for deposits as well as the cash in person method. I do take commission projects as well so be sure to contact me here to get your next project started!

For the bride whose decision to get a tattoo of the Mickeys Hornet on your shoulder when she was 18 may not match your elegant strapless dress. I love them so much that when somebody says they can’t get one, it makes me want them to have one even more. How may sailors did it rest upon for a brief moment before the adrenaline and alcohol kick in. Usually its the people that just want a little something on their wrist or hand but occasionally you get those that want their necks tattooed. I’ve tattooed this stencil the way it was meant to be tattooed and Ive had it tattooed on me in the same fashion. Heres a peek for the know-it-alls  that think Norman Keith Collins was a rum maker and Ed Hardy is a shirt designer!

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