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Artwork by Penn State alumna Kiana Honarmand will be on display in the HUB-Robeson Galleries from May 27 to Sept.
Artwork by students from Standish-Sterling, Pinconning and Whittemore-Prescott was on display during the Northeast Michigan Arts Council's annual youth art exhibit May 14. The theft of ten paintings and seven Audubon prints from Hobcaw Barony more than a decade ago was featured on a segment of the popular PBS program “Antiques Roadshow” in 2013. The theft was reported on July 31, 2003 by the former curator, Samuel McIntosh, on his last day of work following his dismissal. In 1932 Miss Baruch commissioned the painting from Sir Munnings, a key exponent of British Impressionism. Baruch Foundation Executive Director George Chastain confirmed the works were found in conditions ranging from very good to poor and have been removed from the scene for forensic and technical examination. Radiohead have given a rare insight into the recording process of their new album, A Moon Shaped Pool - and the strange way the artwork was created. The band spoke to author and poet Adam Thorpe - who is a friend of Colin Greenwood - for the Times Literary Supplement (a slightly left-field choice), giving insight into the critically-acclaimed new record. Visual artwork can be created in any number of ways using a variety of materials and processes. Vector & Raster Laser Services specialises in producing artwork to be laser cut and engraved for a range of applications.
Contrary to many beliefs, our processes are not as simplistic as clicking one button and creating an outline to produce a vector file. In many cases it’s best to manually create the files, as it gives you total control over the final product. Common problems we see quite often in supplied artwork can include outlines that are very messy or jagged.

Hidden vector paths or duplicate cut lines are sometimes placed under filled areas of the artwork or even on separate layers.
A very common request is the need to either create a vector file for stencil use or modify an existing file to suit the stencil process.
Thickness of the tabs can vary based on the material that has been used, how the stencil will be applied, and the design itself.
The final design is a perfect example of a file looking great on screen but when stripping it back to outlines, you can see the large amount of hidden and intersecting lines that need to be removed to avoid having the whole stencil fall to bits. Specialising in all aspects of laser cutting and laser engraving, we are a Melbourne based, family owned and operated company that delivers high-quality work.
Our focus is to showcase your art with your interior, helping to bring your art collection and personal style together.VISUAL will help you create the right interior concept for your art piece or find the perfect painting for your existing design. Several students and their families stopped in to see how their artwork did, and to admire other pieces in the exhibit. Munnings.  The work is an oil painting measuring 39 x 36 inches, with a retail value in excess of $1 million. Munnings is best remembered for his scenes of country life and, most notably, of sporting, horses and racecourses, a theme which defined his career. Donwood was set up in a barn near to the recording studio, with speakers wired between the two buildings so the artist could hear the process.
Some artists simply use pencil and paper; others paint on canvas, while for professionally commissioned projects other artists might turn to technology for the benefits of precision and accuracy. This can be troublesome as the laser will cut every vector path on the file, even if it is not visible when viewing the artwork on screen. This usually requires a keen eye to not only put the appropriate tabs in to hold the stencil together without it falling apart, but also to do so without changing the overall look of the design too much to keep it looking original and aesthetically pleasing.

The first is a scan of a caricature drawing that was converted into a vector file for stencil use.
Again, you’ll notice that the altered file has the same look and appeal as the original. Baruch Foundation, have been recovered after being missing for 13 years.With the cooperation of Frazer Pajak and John Ivy, officials were led to Ivy Auction House, a regional auction house in Laurens, South Carolina, where they found the lost works. It was stolen along with two studies of Baruch and her mount Munnings painted in preparation for the commissioned piece.
The work not only secured Audubon’s reputation as artist and naturalist in the late 1820s, but also served as his launching pad for fame in his own time and beyond. A sign writer, for example, might use a laser cut stencil to produce consistent signage for their client and obtain the very best results. This can lead to burnt or damaged edges and cuts on parts and in places where they are not intended.
Although every bird print began with an original painting, Audubon considered his prints, not his paintings, to be the final artwork, the versions that best encapsulated his desire to present the birds in their natural habitats and engaging in their regular activities. For this, it is clearly important to use quality artwork as well as high-quality laser machines, making sure that the parameters and software settings are correct. This is the foundation of any quality job and is precisely what Vector & Raster Laser Services can assist you with.

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