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YAAG [Yet Another Australian Gelding]: Strange, I thought Australia was still producing men. Honestly, "Dick," I have to say that I think the real value of your "idea" is that it sort of rips the mask off colonized minds like yours. You wouldn't mind putting your head on the block, would you, "Dick?" Think of the carbon we'd save with the absence of your gassing. There are approximately 21 active volcanoes spewing hot gasses and particulates into the atmosphere at present, but none are as toxic as the eruptions from Richard Glover. Yeah, Oz still produces men, but they're off serving in the Australian SAS in Afghanistan, working at sheep stations in the Outback, and bashing each other on the Rugby or Aussie Rules pitch.
Deborah, I'm no scientist, but I do remember years where those especially spectacular volcanic eruptions did cause global cooling.
The human need for a religious cause and relevance thrives like a mutant virus in unaware intellectualoid minds which cannot get over themselves. I'm having yet another "Can you imagine if this was a Conservative saying such a thing?" moment. Sadly, these folks are already imposing death with their take down of true scientific progress and research.

Alas, David, if we follow your premise to its logical conclusion, both you and I would be morally obliged to commit suicide immediately in order to pacify muslims who hate us because we exist and who have declared non-stop for 1400 years that there will be no peace until every non-muslim on the face of the earth is either converted or dead. And finally, I DID ENLIST and put myself IMMEDIATELY AND PERMANENTLY on the front lines of combat when I declared my name and address on my YouTube clip. Wouldn't it be more efficient to put a point on the stick, then jam it where his head already is? The relationship between CO2 and warming (0.6 degree C in 100 years) may or may not mean something.
Between this and the Foreskin Man comic book, the leftists are really dropping the masks now and showing their true selves for all the world to see. None can be used for any purpose whatsoever without written permission from TattooNOW and the tattoo artist. If this sort of passive aggression keeps on keeping on just because your Global Warming Cult has been exposed as the fake, phony, fraud it is we're going to have to cull your personal part of the herd just like parts of Australia are culling the camels. In Germany they ban nuclear energy one day, and the next get a terrible, mutated killer strain of e coli from "organic" farming. Are you prepared to lead us all by example, show us what an enlightened, tolerant person you are and eat your nine millimeter?

W listopadzie rozpoczynamy zajecia z angielskiej procedury radiotelefonicznej oraz ogólnego jezyka angielskiego.
The inspirer of the ecological stormtroopers, the WWF's Prince Phillip has avowed his desire to be reincarnated as a deadly virus in order to eliminate "excess population." Remember the ecofascists' faux pas when they produced this video?
Sleep well tonight knowing that a total stranger in Denver loves your family more than you do, while you cower in submission to your inbred pedophile demon masters. We lived only 70 miles away from the mountain, though and we were in the direct path of the ash fall. Those of us with testicles have a war to fight, and your skirt-wringing little hissy fits got old and underfoot about 45 years ago.

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