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The phoenix or the firebird, is a powerful and ancient creature found in numerous mythologoies of the Arabian, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Chinese, Indian and Phoenicians.
A Collection of 30 Great Phoenix Artworks is showcased in this next post illustrating the phoenix in various forms. For this new update, enjoy and be inspired more as we have added more impressive illustrations of the Phoenix and other amazing creatures. We also have a collection of superhero illustrations created in a heart-warming family portraits for you to check out!
Join Over 120,000 Aspiring and Professional Graphic Designers who receive weekly tips and Freebies! The cover art for Gift of the Phoenix was created by fine artist and illustrator Kevin McCain, who also happens to be the husband of the author.
You may contact Kevin if you’re interested in ordering prints or posters of the cover art. Seldom in history have so many conglomerated opportunities mandated action in such a short time, on such a wide span of geography, to revive such a major cause related to nationhood, statehood, independence, and sovereignty. The major question is whether we have leaders who have guts, vision, lucidity, and dedication, and are capable of handling the issues correctly, deliberately, and with unyielding conviction, for the road is long, tough, and studded with unexpected surprises. In a geopolitical storm such as the one the region is going through right now, the dust that it generates makes it hard to recognize a matter objectively, let alone predict the future and plan for it.
Such is the case with the Armenian reality today, and through it all one can see the Phoenix rising against the rising sun. This revolution, which resulted in establishing today’s Arab states, lasted for only so long. It is the evolved psychology of the ordinary person that is motivating them; they had changed from Pharaonic serfdom to peasants of the monarchy era, to British and Ottoman colonies, to freedom-seeking masses demanding democracy. Armenians must have a change of mind and change of heart to free ourselves from the passivity that has been injected into our veins by age-old antiquated and corrupt organizations. No, we cannot afford to continue the mentality of self-pity; we must recognize the Phoenix and be on the offensive. We would continue the status quo if we continue neglecting the villager in Armenia, and leave him wanting for a piece of bread, and treating him at best with benign neglect. We would continue the status quo if we hold rigged elections, continuing corruption at the highest levels.
We would continue the status quo if, through economic inaction, emigration to the tune of 65,000 Armenian citizens a year continue. We would continue the status quo if we don’t take care of our valiant warriors who realized the Artsakh victory, some of whom have become food scavengers, while 10 percent of the population in Armenia lives in European-style luxury. It is irrelevant who is in government as long as these shamefully raging problems are rectified. Turkey should think about contributing through reparations and through cultural, scientific and artistic achievements.

For, over the years I have wondered at the ability of the Armenian survivors and too, their children and grandchildren (now great grand children) who have remained steadfast in their dedication to Hai Tahd. There seems to be no difficulty with the homeland accepting any and all that we have offered to our compatriots… BUT, it seems to me that there is an animosity that is encouraged via the leaderships of Haiastan against the diasporan Armenians. Dear Dr Astrajian: I REALLY ENJOYED READING YOUR ARTICLE- you literally could translate all the feelings and thoughts I have been having these years. If Turkey wants to join the EU,it should now own up to its past attrocities,pay tribute to those who have suffered as a result,and revise its current Humanitarian policies,no it insists that the whip is the answer,wake up the world is changing.The world or individuals will no longer be oppressed,just look at the new Arab Spring. As you listed there are many obstacles to surpass, some immediate and possible, others merely possible if the initial actions were successful. The question is, is it time to craft such an Inter-National Vision for Armenia and Armenians all over the world, or just stay the course with hollow debates. I am glad Henry Astarjian brought up whether our Armenians have the guts to bring up today’s important Armenian issues. Tous les renders heberges sur le site sont la propriete respective de leur posteur et non celle de Scroll through our amazing collection and be inspired to create your own artworks, as well. Hard, it could be, but impossible it could not; events, discoveries of facts, and history facilitate separation of fact from fiction. Imagine, if you will, selling your millennia-old national property, Western Armenia, for $3 billion, as some reparations-pursuing people advocate. It is based on the mercy and the goodwill of major countries that dominate the international arena, and whose interests are not served by alienating Turkey.
It is imperative to shift from a defensive position to offensive action in the enemy territory.
So have people and their approach to solving their problems: There has been an awakening and increased political awareness among people who for so long suffered in the hands of corrupt governments and tyrant rulers.
It is just coming out of the Arab Winter, which was imposed upon them by the Ottoman Turks some 400 years ago. It did not work for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was corruption and political oppression by their rulers. If we do not change, we will continue the pathetic status quo, which exists now in Armenia. The leaders of Armenia, the diaspora, and the political parties who are at the helm, must realize that these problems beg a solution.
I liken this misdirection by all the leaderships of Haiastan as if they truly resent the diasporans. No, I don’t mean waging war against Turkey, but exploiting the internal vulnerabilities from which Turkey continues to suffer today.
Ideologies and political orientations have metamorphosed to shed the mental serfdom that had controlled their thoughts, and therefore behavior, for more than a century.

Their awakening started some 100 years ago through the Hashemite Revolution; their goal was to rid the Arab nation from the tyranny of the sultans and the hegemony of the Ottoman Turk. To bring about change, people had to evolve their thoughts and struggle to a point of maturation, which gave birth to the Arab Spring. They must also realize that the sun is rising on the Armenian nation, albeit on a foggy day, showing the Armenian Phoenix on the horizon.
In 1958, he graduated from the Royal College of Medicine and went on to serve as an army medical officer in Iraqi Kurdistan.
Because of these descriptions, the phoenix has long been presented as a symbol of rebirth, immortality, and renewal.
There are some 20 million Kurds, the disenchanted and disenfranchised in Turkey, and now some 100,000 Muslim Armenians in the body of the Hamshen, and close to a million Armenians who were forcibly converted to Islam to save their necks, and who are yearning to openly claim their ethnic identity and be recognized as such. In this, they were revolutionary partners of the Armenians, who were also waging armed struggle against the Ottoman Caliphate.
True, the aftermath of the winter is still lingering and their road is still long, but reaching their destination is sure. There is also a psychological disconnect between Armenia and the diaspora; we are disappointed and heartbroken, our relationship with Armenia has become disjointed. This, today, has been accomplished by the efforts over the years by the dedication of the Tashnagtztiun – ARFers, ANCAers.
There are many among these people look up to us, admire our victory in Karabagh, and look for our guidance. The ARF’s action to assassinate the Red Sultan Abdul Hamid was hailed by the Arabs and gave them a psychological boost. Look at Egypt today, some six months after their revolution: People are back in Tahrir Square challenging their government to complete their goals! The honorable minister charged with diasporan affairs, Hranoush Hagopian, has failed to mobilize us in support of pan-Armenianness.
King Hussain Bin Ali of Hijaz acknowledged that and released a fatwa asking the Arabs to help the Armenian refugees who had escaped the genocide.
In 1992, he served as a New Hampshire delegate to the Republication National Convention in Houston, Texas. Not after our glorious victory in Karabagh, not with our Hamshen in the Trabizon area, not with our Javakhk, not with our two million-strong community in Moscow, not with our Armenian-American and French-Armenian communities, not with our Javakhk brothers in Georgia, and not with the rest of the Diasporan Empire.
For three years Astarjian addressed the Kurdish Parliament in Exile in Brussels, defending Armenian rights to Western Armenia.
He is the author of The Struggle for Kirkuk, published by Preager and Preager International Securities.

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