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This is what i have to read them him and it works, but after i fin rm1(roman numeral one) in a string form how would I go about converting the string.
If you're going to read in the roman numerals as complete strings, you could use the .at() function to analyze each individual character.
This solution of course doesn't account for stuff like the roman numeral IV, but it doesn't look like there's anything like that in your input file.

This lovely ring, ?197 from Joolia, is made from black Zirconium (a lustrous grey hued metal resembling titanium) would make great his and his rings for a civil partnership.
I have to read the roman numerals from a file which is also easy, but my question is how do i convert a string worth at a time. You would need to add another function that is verifying that the user input is valid--or build that into the recursion (which I highly discourage).

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