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IN THE WESTERN WORLD, we are all familiar with the concept of a male god, whether the idea comes from Christianity, Judaism or Mohammedanism. Natalie Brasington, right, has brought a class action suit against New York to end sales tax on feminine hygiene products. It is often considered an anomaly to conform to a stereotypical feminine image while simultaneously serving in the role of an assertive leader. NASHVILLE (WVLT) -- A bill introduced by Tennessee Senator Sara Kyle would remove tax from feminine hygiene products, diapers and over the counter medications, but got a negative recommendation. Of all the dualities associated with the physical plane none is more contentious or profound than that of sexual dimorphism: maleness and femaleness.
One example for instance, would be a circumstance where a person of one gender identity feels trapped inside the sex of another. As will be mentioned further in future articles, Overleaves, by their very design from TAO also possess an innate portion of each Masculine and Feminine. Another way that Masculine and Feminine Energies express themselves has to do with the degree to which a person can or will focus their attention on issues of “I” or “We”. For those who understand the Yin-Yang symbol, where a portion of each opposite is embedded in the other (the eye of the fish) no pure type exists without some tempering.
First, let it be said that the word “balance” in regards to your MFER does not mean trying to shift the percentages to an equal 50-50 split.
From this frame of reference, categorizing emotions as predominately Masculine or Feminine can be useful for assessing the composition of any circumstance (or your response to it) in terms of emotions. Card of the Day47 Lunar-Fishing, planting, tides, and night light all shift with phases of the moon. Gender is the manifestation of a larger universal principle of TAO; the primary dichotomy of forces of Yin (Feminine, Divergent, Diffuse, Power, Love) and Yang (Masculine, Active, Convergent, Focus, Power) embodied. To take on a gender identity is to emphasis the qualities and experiences associated with that sex. One recent famous persons is Chaz Bono (formerly Chastity Bono) who underwent transgender surgery to become a male from a female. Therefore, it may be rightly assumed that the choice of Overleaves in a given lifetime augment your MFER in Personality emphasizing one side of the balance while potentially stifling or minimizing the other side. Or another way of saying it, a focus on concerns and needs of one’s own individual self (ME) in contrast to the needs of other’s (THEE).

Instead, it means coming to terms with, and learning to optimize your own unique mix such that your happiness is maximized and perhaps, hopefully, your life success enhanced.
It often does not necessarily include the pleasure aspect that we might consider fundamental. Take note to follow your inner patterns and don’t be so foolish as to believe that you can do anything at any time. I think I may recognize the Scholar and work things are starting to slip-just like predicted. The tradition of communing with all the lovely fellow spirits in this cosmos goes way back beyond apostolic times.
The two constructs of gender energy and sexual anatomy are different but of course intimately and intricately entwined. Hormonal influence on temperament, behavior, attitudes, physiological conditions, and aspirations, are the primary genetically dictated blueprint from which a person experiences gender differences. This is multifaceted experience of transformation providing huge growth for the Essence inhabiting that body. Like all acts of the TAO’s creative intelligence in action, such modifications and variations add to the virtually infinite diversity available for experience and learning.
Balancing inner Yin and Yang attributes can be summed up as recognizing the need for appropriate self care while giving appropriate attention to nurture relationships. While such acts categorized under Feminine energy as degrees of generosity or altruism, realize this is still tempered by a core decisive Masculine energy determination to make the choice to give in the first place.
Breaking free of cultural stereotypes about either gender is a crucial hurdle to be cleared for this happen.
The ultimate harmonizing of your personal equation means acknowledging the preferences for each, in what arenas of your life you express them (or lack thereof) and to what degree you might realize an imbalance. The 4 Gender Variations are: Masculine Male, Feminine Male, Masculine Female and Feminine Female. And genetics and gender are chosen by the Essence when seeking a body to inhabit prior to birth.
This kind of lesson could only have occurred in the modern era where pioneering surgery has made this option possible.
And to reiterate a fundamental premise of this Teaching the TAO’s purpose, achieved through unique Essences, is to gain as much and as widely diversified experience as possible; expanding knowledge of itself.

Noting here another one of our fundamental premises of the Michael Teaching, that all Free Will is based upon the requirement that in any circumstance where giving to another is present, the Masculine quality of decision is at play, even though the act of giving itself is a fundamentally Feminine quality.
Overt manifestations of gender might appear as modes of dress, or occupation, or attitudes, or performance of various tasks, or how tasks are done. Unlike the rigid assertion or at least insinuation, that somehow the process is completely planned, even Souls can make hasty and poorly considered choices. Dismissing the cultural stereotype where a Gay man must be effeminate (Feminine) or a Gay woman must be butch (Masculine), the choice of transgender or homosexuality does not require a specific MFER at the Essence level!. Notwithstanding this vast data gathering undertaking, the benefit to the human race is the advancement of awareness as is measured by the rate of Soul Age development.
I work resides within the Personality responding to growth challenges arising from Self Karma’s, Chief Features, Internal Monads, and Sub Personalities. The two forces in play, sometimes in conflict, sometimes complementary, sometimes in competition: are for the TAO all peculiar avenues which enable diversity. But it is the inner aspects of “what are the appropriate emotional qualities you feel and express” that might put constraints upon acceptance of your own unique expression of Self.
These qualities thus augment the Soul and eventually the inner nature the Personality for which it inhabits.
Landing in a body with certain characteristics might have met your general gender requirements but fall short of all the specifics which some just left to chance.
For that matter, there are no Overleaves specifically designed or “helpful” for making that sexual orientation occur. Consider this equation: since both Masculine and Feminine qualities are “energies” and are engaged in dynamic interplay, then we can equate them with E-motion or energy in motion. As with all the characteristic referred to in our Teachings, they expand the range of possibilities and nuances for TAO’s accumulation of knowledge. 35%-65%, 82-18%, 42%-58%, etc.) The first term is the percentage of Masculine and the second the percentage of Feminine.

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