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I am sure most of you, if not all of you have felt the energetic highs and lows we’ve been living through the last few months.  How strongly did you feel it? We, the dolphins are the keeper of the sacred breath of life and frankly we consider ourselves authority on this subject. Lately in the blogging world, a Swimming with Dolphins excursion that was to be offered at the upcoming TBEX Conference in Cancun has caused quite the controversy.
Whether you are a blogger, a traveler, or an animal lover, all of this might have you wondering: why is everyone against dolphin swim programs? Multiple organizations oppose SWTD activities, including wildlife charity Care For The Wild International, the Humane Society, and the International Marine Mammal Project, among others. Fishermen take out several small motorized boats to locate a pod of bottlenose dolphins, Risso’s dolphins, or false killer whales (and possibly such other species as pilot whales).
The secondary purpose of drive fisheries are to keep the youngest and most attractive animals to be sold to aquariums, marine theme parks, and Swim-With-The-Dolphin programs. Furthermore, the dolphins at SWTD excursions are often trained using cruel food deprivation techniques, forcing them to either perform tricks or starve.
The best option is to choose a different activity when visiting destinations that offer Swim-With-The-Dolphin tours. Another option would be to discourage others from booking a Swim-With-The-Dolphins tour, which is my main reason for writing this article. If you would like to enjoy an educational, fun, and extremely rewarding experience, I highly recommend booking a whale and dolphin watching tour rather than a Swim-With-The-Dolphins tour. As for the therapeutic nature of the dolphin-human interaction, there is no clear evidence to show that dolphins are any better than a typical household pet for therapy. I really hope that when you plan any future activities involving animals that you consider the harm that may be inflicted onto them. Yes, I had read about this a couple months ago when a couple of travel bloggers spoke out about TBEX having the swimming with the dolphins being a sponsored blogger tour. I am so glad this nonsense was cancelled as part of the TBEX but it is sad how popular these things are. I was really please to hear that they had cancelled the swim with the dolphin excursions at TBEX. I’m glad that people spoke out and put enough pressure on the tourism board for them to cancel the excursion!
I was really disappointed that when these dolphin swims were removed from the TBEX program, some bloggers said, “It’s not fair!
I see so many activities that travelers take part in that are harmful to animals, or they don’t realize are cruel towards animals.
By their logic, giving tours of prisons should make us more compassionate to our fellow man . Here is a Picture of a Bottlenose Dolphin, it is a close up Image of a Dolphin that can be used as Free Wallpaper. Here is a cute image which could be used for Wallpaper of two Dolphins touching their noses together. A dolphin dead, a park under siege - SBSSBSA dolphin dead, a park under siegeSBSBeyond questions over Ji's death, Australia for Dolphins has accused the park of breaking NSW captive animal standards by keeping too many animals in pools that are too small, and by allowing people to ride dolphins and kiss dolphins and seals. Nukhet channels the divine guidance of the angels as well as the dolphins for those who are seeking to gain clarity to live their most inspired lives. If you only knew how easy it is to ride it when you are breathing consciously?  When you are consciously breathing, you are breathing life in. So, when we recommend that you breathe, consciously, knowingly and with intention to awaken the “life” within you, we know what we are talking about! Many people were writing letters and signing petitions opposed to the dolphin swim, urging TBEX to cut ties with Delphinus Dolphinarium. Many people bring their families to these types of places to provide their children with a fun and educational experience. SWTD programs promote that it is therapeutic and fun for humans to be up close and personal with these extremely intelligent creatures.
Once the fishermen locate a pod, they begin herding the animals toward shore, using the noise of the boats’ engines and the banging of pipes underwater.

Out of the total amount of captured dolphins that are spared, only 53% of them survive the first three months of captivity after being exposed to stressful situations, human illness, and chemicals. Currently, only four countries have banned SWTD tours – Chile, Costa Rica, Hungary, and India. As a travel blogger, I feel as though it is my responsibility to write honest and well-researched articles about particular destinations and activities.
Be sure to choose a reputable company that follows the conservation rules set by the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society. For those seeking animal-assisted therapy, I recommend that you adopt a domesticated animal, such as a dog or a cat, from a local animal shelter – of course, taking great care to be a responsible pet owner. And the biggest problem is that people just don’t realize what’s wrong with them!
The best we can do is not support these things, or write articles to let other people know what might be wrong with it. I think that most people who partake in these activities love animals and would love the chance to be close to them. I have never been to see a display as an adult, only as a child and I’ll now never take my son! I think most people don’t know how harmful these tours are, but hopefully lots of people will write articles and get the word out, and these kinds of things won’t be profitable anymore! It really takes some discussion to realize how detrimental and unnatural these SWTD tours are.
If something is blatantly wrong like this, I’m glad that people are speaking their minds! I will never do a swim with dolphin thing and I no longer support organizations like Sea World after watching Blackfish.
The dairy industry constantly impregnates cows so they keep making more milk, and they need to have babies to do so. I have loved cetaceans for ages and took part in a dolphin swimming experience at SeaWorld in Australia in 2011. I’m glad that you will be avoiding these kinds of excursions – that means a lot to me! You can buy a tin of fish to feed Scarry the Dolphin and other Dolphins that stop by to enjoy human company. A member of the public reported the adult dolphin on Friday morning, the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPAW) said.
She loves assisting her clients on their path to Divine Love, Light, Truth and Wisdom, and sees herself as the conduit that connects her clients to their innermost wisdom, to the divine spot within. I am certain that the strong universal energy made you feel like you are on a rollercoaster, but please allow me to remind you that this is where growth happens; when you are aware of the energies and riding through it.
Many travel writers vowed to boycott the conference entirely until tours were no longer offered to bloggers.
They also argue that the excursions raise environmental awareness about dolphins that live in the wild. The first purpose of the drive hunt is to eliminate any toothed whales that compete with humans for fish, and to provide the meat of these animals to local consumers. These excursions are incredibly popular in Mexico, the Caribbean, the United States, Ireland, Australia, Cuba, Israel, and New Zealand. Though I have not participated in a dolphin swim, this issue is near and dear to my heart as an animal lover and activist.
Seeing whales and dolphins emerge in their natural habitat is arguably more thrilling than swimming alongside one in a forced environment. I know folks who live near dolphins and have the wonderful chance to do this naturally (lucky, lucky them!), so I understand the appeal but hope more places will move to get rid of these harmful tours.
Obviously as time went on, I learned more about the harm it does to the dolphins and what really goes on. However, I did really want to do the swim with wild dolphins tour in Hawaii, where they drop you off in the ocean to snorkel and see the dolphin pods. That’s a really interesting story that you did the activity and you were underwhelmed.

If people start thinking about how the animals’ lives are impacted by this kind of thing, hopefully it will carry over to other places as well, that type of mentality! It is her soul's mission to spread the light and be your bridge to the divine to connect you to your sparkly and magical life. It allowed us to get stronger, stay with our own pod with more determination and be more mindful of our pod-mates who may need our help to swim with the stronger surf. No different that riding a rollercoaster… you have the exhilarating fun parts and the parts that scare you out of your breath. Finally after being pressured, the Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau announced that they would be cancelling the dolphin swim tours at TBEX.
As a lifelong vegetarian (turned vegan in the past five-or-so years) and animal lover, I didn’t realize what was wrong with these tourist traps until fairly recently.
Dolphins establish strong social bonds with one another, even staying with sick or injured individuals, helping them to the surface to breathe if necessary.
The Oscar award winning documentary, The Cove, details these practices with intense imagery. The fishermen will then either drive the animals right onto the shore or trap them in a bay. One example in Hawaii targets dolphins that have little choice but to tolerate human presence because swimming away into the surrounding areas puts them in threatening situations with their natural predators. They are also very popular with cruise lines, with most tropical destination cruises offering dolphin swim tours.
There are so many wonderful places to visit and millions of incredible things to do around the world, and hurting animals doesn’t need to be one of them! As a vegan as well it makes me sad when I travel the world and see the how the tourism industry exploits animals. Because they really have no use for them in the dairy industry…the baby girl cows will become dairy cows and make milk. It wasn’t until a few months later that I realised I had been so underwhelmed because deep down in my heart I had known that it was wrong. Do these tours really bring attention to any environmental issues or provide any education in an unnatural environment?
Dr Horace Dobbs, Founder and Honourary Director of International Dolphin Watch, states that holding dolphins captive at aquatic parks is torturous as it separates them from their pods. Either way, shallow water is necessary, because fishermen slaughter the dolphins by getting into the water and moving through the pod, stabbing animals to death…Animals destined for slaughter may be hauled out onto land with cranes, often still alive.
Before I realized how detrimental these programs are, I actually considered booking one on a past cruise.
I just wrote a post about Jordan and discouraged anyone from using donkeys or horse carriages when visiting Petra.
So…another thing to think about if you want to boycott the veal industry, might be worth also boycotting the dairy industry, too. I think that’s the case for many people, or they watch a film like Blackfish and come to this realization.
After watching a documentary when I was at the age of 15, I’d decided to boycott veal for similar principals. You are ready for this incredible growth opportunity.  And here are a few tips to make this easy on you.  Do what we do! This is disheartening and reminds me of slavery and what goes on behind the scenes in the diamond industry for similar attributes. But with this in depth information, even IF it were true, it would have no bearing to continue the support of such tours due to the fact that it disrupts their schedule and they long for their pods thereby causing them stress. Embrace the instability of the energies, be mindful of your pod-mates, and be there to lend a hand when needed.  AND BREATHE!

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