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If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Tiger Lily Tattoos, Lotus Flower Tattoos, Orchid Tattoos and Cherry Blossom Tattoos. This pair of sepia shaded flowers looks really pretty with the two names inked into the design. Flower patterns look great at the center of the foot.This is an intricate pattern done in black to highlight the artistic floral design. A decorative pattern of red flowers looks gorgeous on the foot especially with green leaves linking the flowers. Flowers shaded in red and blue with pretty butterflies nearby makes this a perfect garden theme design.
As a pattern that trails prettily across your foot this interlinked design of small pink flowers is just perfect. Colorful flowers arranged in gentle curves make a beautiful design for the side of your foot.
Long petals arranged in a tight circle around a round center make these red flowers a fantastic foot tattoo. Combine black ornate patterns with beautiful shaded flowers, and you get this stunning foot tattoo.
Pink, red, and white shaded flowers make poetry with elegant black patterns in this foot tattoo.
Delicate lines and folds in the petals contrast strongly with the bright orange color of this flower tattoo. A mauve flower is done up with white delicate lines at the center of the petals in this realistic flower tattoo. The colors in this tattoo swirl and merge to create a soft effect much like the petals of a real flower. Pink, bright, beautiful, the pattern of flowers in this tattoo makes you think of fresh spring. CreativeFan is dedicated to bringing you the best tutorials, resources and inspiration for creativity, and they work tirelessly to bring you posts like these.
You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. The connection of flowers and women is inseparable and it is not at all surprising that women of all across the globe fall for floral tattoo designs. Pink tulip looks simply beautiful with its long stem twisted in a way to cover the top of foot. A big yellow rose with beautifully detailed green leaves, all emblazoned with solitaire diamonds. Innovative design of red rose with yellow edges and dark leaves, besides it also makes a heart in the centre.

Little vine of hibiscus flowers on her foot just below the fingers giving a cool placement idea. Ultra-classy flower and vine piece using sophisticated color shades and enhancing it more is the fantastic drop shadow effect.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. The softness of the petals, the intricate color combinations and shapes, and the vibrance of a flower are much like a woman with her gentle strength and grace. As a tattoo design for the side of your foot, a spiraling pattern of pink flowers is a perfect choice in its combination of soft womanly pink and pretty floral art.
This tattoo shows two large flowers with orange shading off into gold for a picture-perfect effect. The bold purple flowers with touches of yellow combine with dark green spirals to show your love for flowers.
It is also a representation of victory over death, life, femininity, fruitfulness and prosperity.
Feet being a hot place of tattoo placement, women these days are loving flower tattoos on foot. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.
To many people the foot is considered one of the least prettiest parts of our bodies, getting a tattoo on your foot may be seen as a good opportunity to make your feet look nicer, but surely this isn’t why everyone is rushing off to get their feet tattooed?Often (whether we like to admit it or not) popular areas to get tattooed can be determined by celebrities getting tattoos in the same spot. You can also create an elegant look by toning down the colors to bring out the perfect patterns of flowers in a sepia shaded tattoo.
If you want to have floral tattoo on your foot, here I have a list of 25 flower tattoos on foot designs. Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Anniston and Rihanna, to name a few, all sport ink on their feet and definitely help influence the younger generation to do the same. These days’ women are falling in for flower tattoos on foot which looks sexy and beautiful. If you are thinking of getting a flower tattoo on your feet, you can play with colors and shapes to stunning effect in the tattoo design.
Express your creativity and womanliness through flower tattoos that add a touch of art to your foot as you dance, walk, and simply enjoy life. Floral designs in all the cultures are considered as beautiful and a floral tattoo design is a connection of Mother Nature with women. Flower tattoos on foot will add beauty and charm to your feet plus add the extra sexiness to your personality. Both compliment each other nicely.One of the things to keep in mind with foot tattoos is caring for them.

The great thing about getting outlines of roses done like this is should you ever get sick and tired of them you can always color them in later in bright red and have a completely new design to look at!A great example of how pinks and blacks can look so good together on this beautiful lotus tattoo design.Dressing up for a formal occasion? Whilst probably the easiest tattoo to hide, remember this is probably the place where your tattoo will fade the most due to walking on it all the time. Superman tattoo design – very cool!A beautiful looking feather fern that incorporates a lot of different patterns such as leopard print and even what looks like a beehive inside it. Sometimes really intricate tattoos like this can be a great idea to get on your foot and be able to show off to everyone really easily.A simple yet cool anchor tattooed just below the ankle.
If you’re just wanting something small tattooed it can cost just as much as something bigger if the tattooist charges on an hourly rate. However if you’re extra nice to them they might let you get a few little ones for the same price!Continuing on with the bat theme, heres someone that has filled in bats on their left foot and non filled in ones on their right. We imagine this is the same kind of person that liked to wear opposite laces on their shoes as a kid. Bands are not quite as popular as they used to be but they are definitely still a great looking tattoo design.A really cool looking bird design. We particularly like the use of pinks and greens in this one and then to top it off the person has matched their toenail polish with the green on the birds wings.An abstract style ankle design. This one has elements of native American art work which is very popular to get tattooed.A simple yet poignant love heart. Often it can be daunting getting your first tattoo which is why often two people will go in and get ones together.A really cool chandelier tattoo design. It almost looks like lace and will work very well with the right dress and shoes.This is the kind of tattoo that nightmares are made of. Very clever and symbolic at the same time.Another scary looking tattoo that looks like the kind of thing you would expect to see on The Walking Dead. Whilst it may not be for everyone, there is no denying that the art work is very well done with how realistic and scary it looks at the same time.A simple moon design that has been well placed to work with the curve of the foot.
Again this is another example of how some simple script style writing in black can really look great.
The one on the left foot is holding flowers in its mouth where as the one on the right foot is holding cherries in its mouth.
Like we said earlier birds continue to be the most popular style of tattoo to get on your foot and this is a great example of why.
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