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I can’t speak for the iPhone users, but as an iPad owner, I know that there are only 4 editing features in the camera app: rotate, enhance, red-eye, and crop. So what should you do if you want to have fun with your photos and add interesting filters, effects, and enhancements – besides the basic features that the iOS camera offers? Augmented Reality Pho.to Cartoonizer lets you add various effects to your photos including a cartoon effect. Cartoonize allows you to quickly add a cartoon effect to your photos with one tap; you can continually increase the cartoon effect until you’re satisfied.
Cartoonizeme lets you add funny elements to your images such as mustaches, eyebrows, hair, accessories, and dialogue balloons (which can be customized with your own text). ToonPAINT doesn’t just convert your images and apply filters, it also lets you color in your images by painting with your fingers. Photo360 includes many different tools that allow you to edit your photos by adding frames, cropping, rotating, changing the colors, and adding text.
Paint FX is an advanced app with filters, effects, enhancements, and more that can be applied to any parts of your images with just a tap or swipe. FX Photo Studio is the ultimate photo editing app and includes almost 200 effects and filters. Sketch Camera Pro is another simple app that comes with three filters: sketch, gray scale, and negative.
SketchMaster gives you the best of both worlds; you can create images that are part sketch (basic, sketch plus, or black and white) and part original color.
SketchMee will sketch any photo from your library into a pencil sketch, right before your eyes. Sketch Camera includes 6 conversion patterns and can add illustrated effects to your images. BeFunky comes with over 50 high quality photo effects and 40 photo frames to add to your images. Photo Power is a powerful tool that includes numerous filters, color adjustments, and other advanced features.
Pholeido for iPad lets you add all kinds of special effects to your images with the tap of a button or by using your finger.
RoughSketcher for iPad, is for those who are looking for a very simple and easy to use app.
Kromatik is a color effects app that lets you use your fingers to retouch your photos and add color to different areas. Artwork Studio isn’t just about sketches, you can also transform your photos into oil paintings, comics, and pop art – in just one click. MagicEffect Photo Editor is an image editing software that helps you to add many magic effects onto your digital photo. PhotoScenery easilly blends your digital photo onto another picture (a landscape picture etc).
A free ad-supported (WhenU ad-supported) edition of the award-wining editor Photo Pos Pro (Image editing software).
With this free image editor you can turn snapshots into artworks as well as draw your own images using the built-in image enhancement functions.

Magic Photo Creator is a fun software that allows you to create professional looking image blending effects. On the first look the app looks very simple, but it is a good and powerful Windows 8 image editor app. One thing that I liked about this Windows 8 image editor app, is it shows instant preview of whichever effect you are adding on the image. Simply click on Select Image button, Select the image, add the effect; and once you are done, simply click on the Save button to save the image.
These are nice features to have, but they’re nothing special and they don’t actually change your photos.
Well luckily, there are many apps for that and we’re going to cover the best ones in this list. One of the unique things about this app is that you can apply realistic emotions to a face and then animate them.
Just upload a photo from your library or take one with the camera and you’re ready to get started. You can also rotate and scale your images and change the colors of elements to match your photos.
This allows you to create different variations of the same image and also lets your creativity run wild.
Meaning, you don’t have to change the entire image at once, you can pick and choose which parts you want to change. Much like Paint FX (mentioned above) you can also apply effects to only parts of your images.
The sketching effect is random, so no matter how many times you transform an image, you won’t get the same sketch twice.
When you take a photo or upload one from your library, you’ll get real-time preview thumbnails showcasing each effect. It gives you total control over your images and includes 60 different presets that can be used to change and enhance your photos.
You can use it to convert any photo into a pencil sketch, and then use your fingers to color it in for a unique look. You can convert colors, blur your images, transform them into sketch drawings and cartoons, change the contrast and saturation, and more. Simply put, it turns your photos into rough pencil sketches and then allows you to save or email them. You can apply various masks for different effects, such as converting to a black or white sketch or applying a sepia effect.
If you have an iPhone 4, you can use the VGA button to output your images to an external monitor or projector. With MagicEffect Photo Editor, just by mouse clicking, you can add many wonderful effects onto your photo.
The best way to use this Windows 8 image editor app is, add an effect first, save it, and then reopen the edited image and add another effect. There’s just one screen in the app; from where you’ll select the photo, edit the photo, see instant preview, and save the final output.

The unique thing about this app is the ability to add your image to 3D models such as soda cans and cubes.
On top of that, you can create postcards using your images and send them anywhere in the world, add text, important images from Facebook, share images on various social networks, and much more.
You can also add captions and frames and use your finger to change or erase parts of your images. This means that you can have half of your image sketched and the other half in its original form. Its “sophisticated noise reduction” feature is what makes PhotoToaster stand out from the rest; this helps to greatly enhance photos that were taken in low-lit areas. Photo Power also supports sharing on Facebook and Twitpic, so that you can share your edited images with friends. You can also share your images on Pholeido, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr – all at once. There is also a “shade” button, which lets you change the shade of your images from light to dark.
The app works on the three primary colors Red, Blue, and Green, and there are two main basic effects, Brighten and Darken. This Windows 8 image editor app has only 4 effects, and they include: Brighten, Darken, Grayscale, and Invert Colors. It doesn’t state whether or not you can access images saved on the Web via the app, but that would be a great feature to have. Once you’re done with your image, you can frame it and share it on Facebook, Twitter, or by email.
These alone are sufficient enough to turn your normal looking photo into a beautiful image. This is used to undo all the manipulations and jump back to the state where it was originally. The effects are good, but I wish that the app would have included some more effects and also the ability to add two or more effects. Besides that, you can also invert the color and turn the photo in to grayscale, with a single mouse click. But there is a thing, which is more like limitation of this Windows 8 image editor app and that is you can add only one effect at a time, and save it. To locate the app use the Windows 8 Search Charm and type “Img Editor”, or you can also click here. So, in place of using the inbuilt effects, where you can’t edit the effects and simply add them, you can use these slider and generate any effect that you want.
Firstly edit photo with one effect, save it, and then reopen it and finally add another effect and save it. All though the image preview updates fast, but, if the image is in big size with good resolution, then it takes bit longer to update.

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