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I don’t often write about Minecraft HD texture packs these days, mostly because every man and his dog is already doing it.
It’s no surprise that this texture pack really comes into its own with the more interior textures (beds, enchanting tables, chests, brick). Don’t take that to mean that the exterior textures have in any way suffered from lack of attention. That minor quibble aside, I cannot reccomend Steelfeathers’ Victorian Enchanted Pack enough.
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Hardwick Old Hall is a ruinous 16th century manor in the grounds of Hardwick Hall, Bess of Hardwick's monumental Elizabethan home.Bess of Hardwick was born in the Old Hall, and when she separated from her third husband, the Earl of Shewsbury, in 1584, she returned to her childhood home. It is easy to overlook the Old Hall in favour of the overwhelming grandeur of the new Hall, but for me the Old Hall is somehow more appealing.
We've 'tagged' this attraction information to help you find related historic attractions and learn more about major time periods mentioned. Britain Express is a labour of love by David Ross, an avid historian, photographer, and 'Britain-ophile'.

But once in a great while a texture pack comes along that inspires me to speak on its behalf, Steelfeathers’ Victorian Enchanted Pack is one of those texture packs. On the contrary the smooth, almost silk like textures have a way of making the world seamless. She began to expand the house, at the same time as she was planning to build the much grander 'new' Hall a short distance away.
If anything, this texture pack is designed to make your creations really stand out from the landscape as edifices of culture and civilisation. Flowers especially make for small spots of gorgeous respite from the grassy plains and knols. The only gripe I have, and it is a gripe I have with most eveyr texture pack, is the fact that ores seem very startling to the eye. Perhaps she was driven by the tale of a fortune-teller, who prophecied that she would never die so long as she was building.The Hall was a mish-mash of odd wings and state rooms added bit by bit. Whilst this makes them easy to spot at a distance it can also lend an unreal feeling to the landscape because they are patchy. In 1959 what remained was accepted by the government in lieu of death duties, and the house has been cared for by English Heritage ever since.

It would be nice to see some retextured ores that blend with other ore blocks to create a continuos vein. Each household had its own great hall, set on the third floor, approached via a grand staircase. The size and scale of these private apartments is staggering; on a par with royal palaces of the day.
Bess's hall was known as the Forest Chamber, with a plaster panel depicting Bess as a deer in the woods. The counterpart to the Forest Great Chamber is the Hill Great Chamber, with an exquisitely carved overmantle in the form of a relief showing the mythical giants Gog and Magog. Combined with Bess and her own sizeable household, the Old Hall had to provide living space for 200 people.

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