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A brief introduction by Edward Osborne, course facilitator was made with a little history of the Tavor being presented. Introductions by the students were made and the shooting instructor Lovie introduced herself and gave a brief overview of her life while serving in the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) as an instructor. Edward also introduced us to a firearm safety device that both plugged the full length of the bore and the chamber.
During the explanation of the IDF standing position, the points of contact with the Tavor were discussed, in all there are 5 points of contact with the Tavor. During dry practice with our chamber and bore blockers installed, trigger reset was emphasized.
During mag changes, Lovie was very vocal about not looking at the rifle, but keeping your head up and looking at the enemy.
Because of the sheer volume of mag changes, and not having everyone picking up spent mags everywhere, the drill progressed to (upon shooters discretion) to stripping the mag out, retaining it, touching your back with it, then reinserting it into the mag well to complete the drill.
The group progressed to three shot slow fire strings, mag reloads, waiting on command to fire etc.
Ed also helped change over a rifle to left handed version, and helped add newly purchased accessories to student’s rifles.
After review of the prior day’s stances, Lovie moved onto IDF kneeling, which is much like what I am used to, with the minor difference of front leg placement. Doing the kneeling exercises, now the fun began, with doing multiple repetitions very quickly, kneeling, standing, ready, kneeling, standing, etc.
During the dry practice positions, Lovie and her partner, Zahal’s Yoav, were constantly testing the stability of our positions by pushing us, moving our rifles, exerting pressure on our shoulders, etc. Second – Move to cover, or to kneeling if standing, or prone if kneeling or roll if in prone. Third – Move to cover, or to kneeling if standing, or prone if kneeling or roll if in prone. When it was our time to go to the range, we came into Het and received our instructions from Lovie. Consisted of three magazines, two with 6rds each, one with 6 rds, but an induced malfunction. After that, we were told we had 10mins to clean up our gear and meet up in the lounge for certificate handouts and course close outs. All the students I had the good fortune to meet, were great to talk to, easy to work with and fun to hang around with. One thing that really stood out in my mind about Lovie and Yoav was the lack of ego from them. Ed Osborne, TV PressPass, was fantastic to getting all the admin and behind the scenes work done. We had two CSC range officers present during the course, Brett and Carl, they helped to facilitate the range, were students, and RSO’s during live fire. Over the span of the course, Carl and Brett were great in helping the students with range related issues, hall passes, showing me all the cool new Sig toys – ok, just the MCX, but DAMN that is one nice rifle!! Blister Shops  We love great shops. For most of our lives, we’ve hung out in them, depended on them, and worked in them. Dispatched from Browns Lane on 17th October 1949, chassis 660009 was destined for export to New Zealand at the request of motor dealer Eric Shorter in right hand drive configuration.
Originally finished in Bronze coachwork and biscuit trim, 660009 must have looked and sounded sensational on the roads of Auckland after its arrival on 24th January 1950. Mr Shorter retained the car for a year afterwards using it in parades and demonstrations before selling it to local resident Albert Roycroft on 15th January 1951. 660009 passed through the hands of several Auckland based owners from 1951-1990, many of whom had seen the car put through its paces in the early days by Roycroft, who was noted as having a polished driving style.
The restoration was completed in Spring 1993 and Mr Palmer entered the Jaguar Drivers Club Concours at Burghley House in June 1993, scoring a second in XK120 class.
We were led to the member’s only area and eventually to the Cinema range where tables were set up for the students. Overall there were 20 students present Friday evening, with one more to show up on Saturday.
After we were out of breath, Lovie had us come to a stop and started off with explanation of the Het or the Hebrew letter that stands for the semi square of soldiers that stand around the instructor so that everyone hears instructions, commands and orders.

The reality is, the IDF has gone to being more focused on urban fighting, and the IDF standing position is the evolution of that combat mindset, even down to the way you kick your lead foot when you place it on the ground, to kick debris out of the way. I found this to be effective as it takes the mag out of your sight, then you have to re-index to get it back in the mag well. Cadence was introduced to the group, 1 shot, pause, 1 shot, pause, 1 shot for a slow fire rate. Although I missed the exact knots he used, I did pick up where he placed the knots, which worked great on my Tavor.
Just to warm up, with pushups…… My legs were sore from Day 1, but the fun was just starting…..
I am more used to having my kneeling look like an L shape, whereas the IDF kneeling is more T shaped. Then rip mag out and retain, charge the action three times, reinsert mag, charge the action to load, chamber check. Remove mag and either discard or place in dump pouch, insert fresh magazine, charge the action, chamber check.
All the positions (with exception of rolling) were going to be used, as well as inducing all three stoppages. Up to that particular point of intervention, I had been chamber checking like I was checking a 1911, only looking at the end of the brass then letting the bolt go forward.
A button at the back releases two prongs that make a triangle with the third point being the rear of the handguard.
Over the course, as I observed Bravo squad during live fire, I noticed that those who really bought into the IDF shooting positions, were making very consistent groups at the 12m mark. He knew that Lovie was going to be teaching kneeling, he had the foresight to grab kneepads with him before he left Israel.
Easy and relaxed when not engaged in business, they did not bring baggage with them to prove that they were the best or otherwise. To my knowledge, they did not have to take action once with a student, Lovie took care of any issues that were in contravention of her range commands or that may have compromised safety. They helped set up tables, sweep brass, just everything you would expect from a top notch facility. Great shops are the lifeblood of our sports, and the best ones do two things: (1) They welcome beginners and help grow their passion for the sport—we’re not into shops that talk down to or discourage those looking to get started.
Too many review sites and publications read like the ad copy produced by the manufacturers themselves, and many gear review outlets literally won’t publish a negative review of a product.
Mr Roycroft and his son were keen to explore the XK’s capability on the track and set about entering the car into some competitive speed events.
The XK was then acquired and re-patriated to the UK in March 1990 by British collector Hugh Palmer, who set about a concours standard total restoration by Fullbridge Restoration Company (Invoices on file). The car was sold in December 1993 to Belgium and some years later in 2007, Fiskens supplied the XK to the current UK owner who has enjoyed the car on a number of European touring events.
With its period competition history, documented ownership and being one of less than 50 original right hand drive Alloy XK120s, this car is unquestionably the XK to own. Ed also covered proper disassembly of the bolt carrier group, for both the TAR-21 and SAR-21 with proper lubrication points. Then we moved on to the IDF standing position, which for myself felt very weird at first, but got accustomed to it by course end. In practice, on a concrete square range, it is one item that all of us forgot about very quickly. As well, with the concrete floor, I wrecked a mag from throwing on the floor too many times. 45° in front of them, whereas they kick out their legs, with the strong leg’s (strong arm) foot ending up in line with the rifle, and the other leg making a 90° with the inside of both feet on the ground. We could do more dry practice, we could learn about Night Vision and Thermal systems, or we could go over knots in more detail and more technical knowledge about the Tavor. But because I was not pulling it back far enough, there was not enough spring tension to fully go into battery. The buttpad is a great replacement for the stock Tavor buttpad, throwing the rifle to my shoulder just felt better, and stayed in place better than the stock one. Lovie did not critique the groups or shot placement on target with any of the students (to my knowledge anyway), she critiqued our shooting positions, manipulations and malfunction clearances.

Lovie stated it up front that the IDF is one of the best armies on the planet, something that to me is true. But not all gear is great – or even good – and a serious review forum should not shy away from telling the truth. They retired from their first race with tyre trouble but their second race was far more successful, the ‘100 Mile Centennial’ at Mairehau on February 3rd where Ron Roycroft (Son) scored second overall and fastest time of the day! The Roycroft’s continued to run the XK in sprints and club events until it was sold at the end of the South Island racing season in July 1951. Got into Het and was called out numbers for roll call, these were to be our numbers for the weekend. During all of these positions, the Tavor is always held parallel to the ground, either at just slightly higher than the hip (Ready), or at the shoulder (Standing). While one group was shooting, the other was reloading and watching those on the line to see mistakes in stance and to learn from them. She bluntly told me that she had been watching me screw it up all weekend and it was time to stop it. In discussion with Ed, he mentioned that the thick stock buttpad is for use with a 40mm GL. This was not a “shoot little groups on paper course”, it was about building the platform to do so.
This rules out many big-box stores that often are staffed by people who aren’t terribly knowledgeable or passionate about the equipment they’re selling. Even worse, some review sites and magazines attempt to review so many items that they end up writing little blurbs about gear that they have hardly had a chance to test.
When Het was called, we would get into the semi square and call our numbers in order to ensure that all students, facilitator and Instructor were present. The other item to mention about the IDF standing position, is that not all troops are issued armor, so the emphasis is on reducing the troops profile. Lovie was very adamant about muzzle control during these exercises, muzzle down, or muzzle up was not acceptable due to range considerations. Then a fresh mag is inserted into the mag well and the bolt release button is depressed with the thumb. As was explained to us, she took a week long course, often 20hrs a day, and condensed it into 2hrs on Friday, 8hrs on Saturday and 7hrs on Sunday. Sure, with more hours, extra days, outdoor range for longer shots, but what was compressed into 17hrs was enough to keep me analyzing and practicing it for weeks to come, and leave with a taste of wanting more. At BLISTER, our commitment is to be as in-depth and honest as possible about the gear we review, all of the time. Lovie teaches that the fresh mag is held mid mag, with the thumb in the thumbs up position, this is to help the shooter index the mag when inserting it and to feel the mag well upon insertion. Simply put, these are the places we trust most in a given locale to work on our boots, to wrench on our bikes, to tune our skis, and to recommend the right equipment.
Gen 1, Gen 3 and iPhone thermal systems were discussed and demonstrated as well as a PEQ-4 unit. I later asked her if in her instructional career with the IDF if she had seen troops fully rack the action while doing a chamber check due to adrenaline dump, she said flat out that, No she had not.
It’s not to say that there aren’t some other great shops out there, but these are the ones we can and will vouch for.
50-80 word reviews – which are pretty standard for review publications – are only satisfactory to people who don’t really care about how their equipment is going to perform. And to ensure that this stays a top-shelf list, we are going to reevaluate this list each year.
Thanks to Ed instructing me how to properly lubricate my Tavor, no “real” stoppages were encountered. The sling used was a Magpul MS3, which after adjustments and retying my knots worked great.

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