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When you visit a tattooist you expect them to be a professional artist, after all it is their profession to imprint such perfect images on the body but what happens when a tattooist is not of an artistic nature?
Check out these pictures of tattoos gone wrong, some are terrible with a few not so bad but the major problem with tattoos is you cant just wipe them of and try again. This one looks so wrong, the motorbike looks twisted and I am presuming those teardrop shaped things are meant to be empty beer bottles.

It is hard to tell what the hell this is, I think it is supposed to be a dragon of sorts but I am unsure. This one is a whole tiger but looks just as bad, claws seem to be coming out of its back knees, but the tail looks good though. Not sure on this one but it looks like a collection scythes or blades of sorts, what do you think?

It looks like the right side is a monkey and the left seems to be morphing into a cat, I think.

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