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Butterflies come in a huge range of sizes, from an eighth of an inch (3 mm), to as much as 12 inches (30 cm) and surprisingly they can only see three different colors: red, green and yellow.
The longest known lifespan among the group is the Brimstone which can live up to nine or even ten months. Butterflies survive mainly on the nectar from flowers and also get some degree of nourishment from pollen and other small microorganisms. Butterflies are popular collector’s items and collectors are known to go around with their nets and collect popular species and then store them in special glass cases. There are many different species and types of this insect and there are many interesting and humorous facts about butterflies which are of interest to everybody. The fastest can travel up to twelve miles an hour and you can find them on basically every continent on the planet.

Some species have no mouth whatsoever and others have long tubular appendages for eating and drinking.
They are one of the species that are very important to the planet’s ecosystem as they act as pollinators.
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Obviously bees are known as the main pollinator but these insects are also important in the pollination between plants.

The chemical defenses are dependent on the plants they feed off which allow some species to create toxins to protect themselves with.
The cryptic coloration is the insects’ way of protecting themselves by blending in and camouflaging into their surroundings. Some mimic leaves and tree bark, others have vibrant patterns to warn predators that they are a danger and not to be eaten.

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